Indian frustration on Kashmir’s Uprising


India is crying because of the Kashmir uprising. They want them to stay silent, oppressed & barred. But for how long?

Indian Army continues to kill innocent un-armed Kashmiris in the name of terrorism and the current uprising started when they martyred another of their beloved Kashmiri Leader Burhan Wani and called him a terrorist Commander. Kashmiris in large numbers gathered at his funeral to pay homage to him and call for the revolution once again and rejected Indian state’s oppression & terrorism in the valley. They carried Pakistani flags to the rallies to show the world & Indian Army that “Hum Pakistani Hain, Pakistan hamara hai”. Media agencies were not allowed to work in the valley freely, print media also has been barred and TV channels are put off air. Telecommunication services are suspended just because India does not want the World to know the reality of what is happening in Kashmir.

Over 70 years have gone by but Kashmiris have never called themselves Indians. It is nothing new, Indian occupied forces are doing this since ages, killing innocent Kashmiris who only ask for their rights, rape their women, destroy their property and deprive them of basic human rights. India has made Occupied Kashmir one of the most highly militarized zone in the world where free media/reporting is at peril.

Pakistan, the only voice of Kashmiris to the world, condemns the brutal acts of Indian Forces and calls the international community to take notice of human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Kashmir & asks India to settle the issue in accordance with the resolution passed by UN for their right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir and asks UN to take steps to implement its pending resolution.

India on the other hand on the same floor of UN in the last UNSC session denied its resolution and called Kashmir an integral part of India. What was expected from the UN & World powers that they would respond sharply to the Indian stance and take strict action against India and resolve the issue in accordance with its resolution. But no major response from any of the world leaders could be seen. US, the major power player in the world, called it the issue between the two neighboring countries and that they should mutually settle it. Champions of Human Rights are all unmoved when it comes to Indian Brutality in Occupied Kashmir. Only Nations condemning the Indian brutality are the friends of Pakistan.

India continues to fabricate news to put blame on Pakistan. Creating disturbance at the Line of Control in Kashmir to divert world attention from its human rights abuses in Kashmir. Blaming Pakistan for the Uri attack. False flag of Surgical Strikes. In the madness of power India is creating risk for billions of people living in this region. US backed India & its strong media thinks itself as the power house of Asia to dictate their terms on the smaller nations like Bhutan, Bangladesh and wants to put Pakistan in the same line. SAARC conference scheduled to be held in Islamabad has also been called off because of the same reasons. But Pakistan is not Bhutan or Bangladesh, it’s an independent, sovereign, nuclear powered state.

Pakistan should team up with its friends to highlight the Indian brutality in Occupied Kashmir at the world forums and let the world know the ground realities and human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir. Indian false claims of Pakistani hand in Uri attack and Surgical Strike inside Azad Kashmir has shamed India in the World and put a question mark on their credibility. Pakistan should seize this opportunity and it should send delegations to major power players of the world to tell the truth & seek favor for the rights of innocent people of Kashmir. Concrete steps are needed to move towards resolution.

is a business graduate, working as a professional banker. He takes keen interest in the economics and socio-political affairs of Pakistan. Moiz Khan tweets @moizkhans

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