Indian forces constructing bunkers along LoC after Uri attack


SRINAGAR – Indian forces have started construction of bunkers along the Line of Control after Uri attack and ongoing tensions with Pakistan.

According to British newspaper, India officers said that the building of bunkers is underway from last two weeks as an exchange of firing between both countries carried out on daily basis.

It was also learnt that India is preparing for decisive war silently.

The Indian army personnel used to sleep in canvas but they are now taking rest in six-foot wide and 10-foot high bunkers.

Locals said the road leading to their homes had only two or three bunkers before the Uri attack took place, but now has as many as 50, many of which extend underground.

On the other hand, secret report sent to Indian government also claimed that Pakistan is increasing its army near LoC whereas Indian newspaper has also quoted that Indian generals are seeking permission from higher authorities for a six-month secret mission in Azad Kashmir.

Another newspaper published that Indian pilots revealed that once Pakistani hackers tried to take control of Indian transmission and played Pakistani songs.

The pilot also said that he had listened ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ song many times.

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  1. At what point will Pakistan fortify their side!

    It is clear the Indians are looking for a sustained low intensity war along the border.

    By diverting attention to our Eastern border, They the Indians along with Afghans are planning to bring in more terrorists and weapons to wage an internal bloody war.

    Keep the border alongside Afghanistan very secure and sealed.

    Stay safe Pakistan, our enemies are purposely planning the month of moharram.

    India wants chaos within Pakistan and a sectarian war.

    Keep all your regions safe especially KPK, Balochistan and Sign dh (Karachi).

    Move Pakistanis and Kashmiri’s away from Indian line of fire. India will continue shelling the Eastern border.

    We must HIT them really really hard and give them a reply that will silence the geedars of India

    Hit them hard and use bunker busting mortars and guns to destroy these newly built bunkers.

    Pakistan must HIT them really really hard otherwise they will simply continue there beligerance.

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