Indian cricketer spews venom against Pakistan


Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir Tuesday spewed venom against Pakistan, saying New Delhi should cut off all ties with Islamabad till “cross-border terrorism” ends.

Adopting a tough stand against Pakistan, Gambhir said that “Indian lives are more important than sports”.

“I would not even think of playing cricket with Pakistan. Indian lives are more important than sports,” Gambhir told mediapersons.

Expressing his disagreement with those who talk about the need to keep politics and sports separate, the Indian opener insisted that every Indian must put himself into the shoes of Army personnel before commenting on such matters.

“I absolutely endorse that we should not have any relation or ties with Pakistan until the time this cross border terrorism finishes. People need to put themselves in army’s shoes who have lost their kids, someone have lost their father, son.

“We can say this sitting in an AC room that cricket or Bollywood should not be compared to politics as long as we don’t think ourselves as Indians, or think for our own countrymen. So I totally endorse that until the time we don’t secure our own Indians, our own countrymen, all other things can be kept aside,” the 35-year-old added.

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