Indian claim of arresting ‘Pakistani suspect’ in held Kashmir proven false


LAHORE (Dunya News) – Blatant blame-gamer India’s claim of arresting a ‘Pakistani suspect’ which their sensationalist film-style news media termed ‘Kasab 2’ has turned out to be false as the reports have shown that the accused in custody belongs to Indian-held Kashmir district Kulgam and is mentally challenged.

The Indian officials and media had blatantly claimed that the suspect in custody, Naved, is from Pakistani city of Faisalabad.

The speculation and hearsay based reporting by the Indian media reached its climax on Saturday but the bubble soon burst after Naved turned out to be a resident of held Kashmir and mentally incapacitated. The Indian intelligence agencies have transferred the accused to Sri Nagar.

The Pakistan Foreign Office said that Indian media has always engaged in anti-Pakistan propaganda, adding that Pakistan has repeatedly stated that blaming Pakistan for everything isn’t right.


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