India trying to change Muslim demography in Jammu: Gilani



In occupied Kashmir, the veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has said that efforts are on to change the demography of Muslim majority places in Jammu, where religious freedom is being curbed.

Syed Ali Gilani, who continues to be under house arrest in a interview with Hindustan Times at his residence in Srinagar, said that the authorities were quelling the protests with force, even killing the protesters. “Protests are people’s natural right and they will continue,” he added.

To a question, he said, “What is happening in Jammu is unfortunate but when communities are suppressed, communal harmony takes a beating. In Kishtwar, people were attacked during Eid prayers.”

When asked about talks, the veteran leader said that dialogue had been useless before and it would bear no fruit in future. “On one hand, India says dialogue is important and on the other it says Kashmir is its integral part. How can anything come of it,” he questioned.

The solution lies with India accepting Kashmiris’ right to determine their future and India has to show readiness to resolve the problem, he added.



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  1. 100% correct.

    Syed Sahib is always correct.

    India is deploying Israeli style tactics of dispalcement and genocide to reduce the Muslim majority in Kashmir.

    It did not work in Palestine and will not work in kashmir.

    Kashmir is not Gaza and India can not divide Kashmir like Israel divided the West Bank and Gaza and the Hindu Kush can not be controlled by the Indians and will such an approach by India will result in a bloody brutal intifadah.

    Such instability can not be afforded by Pakistan, China or India for differing reasons but Indian prestige will get bruised in such an eventuality.

  2. It did not work in Palestine??? Check the population spread and distribution of zionists in occupied land of west bank and part of gaza; Displacement and genocide of old aged persons, women and children is an everyday affair and the Israeli Zionists (not Jews) are proud of such heinous acts, which are now applied exactly same by HINDUS-tani forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir; Exactly same as the Zionists doing in Occupied Palestine; At least the Palestinians are fighting back, and not like you Kashmiris whose women are beingRapedby Hindus-tani troops to an extent that in a generation or so, all you Kashmiris will be Hindus, So much for ethnic cleansing; Pakistanis have not forgotten you Kashmiris wearing masks sitting in back seats of Hindu army vehicles identifying your own people and the valiant mujaheddin who were fighting for your freedom, point them out to be executed by these Hindu fathers of your children; UNLESS YOU KASHMIRIS DONT START TO FIGHT YOURSELVES AND PICK THE GUN TO KILL THESE HINDU MONSTERS, YOU WILL ALL INCLUDING ALL YOUR NEW BORNS EVENTUALLY BECOME HINDUS; You have betrayed Pakistan, mujaheddins, your own freedom fighters and expect all these bravehearts to help you ???

  3. This Gilani is rented leader of Pakistan he will speak always on behalf of Pakistan. No one care him in Kashmir only Pakistani will give him due important just for envoy of India.

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