India steps up Afghan army training after US exit



NEW DELHI – India is stepping up the training of Afghan National Army (ANA) as it is also considering supply of military equipment to the weakened force in the backdrop of the United States-led coalition’s preparation to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2014. India is worried about the stability of the strategically-located Afghanistan after 2014 because it is likely to witness a concomitant surge in the activity of the Taliban post withdrawal, Times of India reported Saturday.

Indian Defence Ministry sources said that a major Indian effort has been launched for capability enhancement of the ANA to ensure it can handle the internal security of Afghanistan after the exit of the 100,000 foreign soldiers from there by end-2014.

Indian Defence Minister Arackaparambil Kurien Antony, in fact, recently warned the Indian military to be on guard in case it had to tackle “any spillover effect” of the Taliban or Haqqani network in Jammu and Kashmir. Though India has worked largely on re-construction and developmental projects in the war-ravaged country over the last decade, it is now also increasing the number of ANA personnel 574 to be trained in different Indian Army establishments.

The training includes counter-terrorism operations, military field craft, intelligence, counter-improvised explosive devices (IEDs), information technology, battle-field nursing assistance and, of course, the English language. Afghan personnel are also being attached to the Infantry School at Mhow, Artillery School at Devlali and Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre at Ahmed Nagar for specialized courses. India has posted some army officers in the central Asian nation to teach basic military and English skills and military doctors to help at hospitals in Kandahar and other Afghan cities. The training of Afghan pilots and technicians in operating Russian-origin Mi-35 attacking helicopters is also being discussed. A joint Indian military-civilian team had also gone to Kabul earlier this month after Afghan President Hamid Karzai submitted a wish list of military equipment to India during a visit in May. The 17-page list includes armoured vehicles, 105mm artillery guns, utility helicopters, trucks, communication equipment and the like.

Sources said the visit of an ANA Strategic Group to India along with 10 high-ranking officers, was also planned from September 1 to 13. The delegation will hold talks with the top military officials, apart from visiting military establishments in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Source: Pakistan Today

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  1. Someone please tell the ratties that make good use of the money and build some toilets for the public as 60% of the rat population is defecating open air turning bhaRAT into a cesspit (like it was not one already)!

  2. How dare Afghanistan make decisions without asking Pakistan? After all, Afghanistan is not an independent country – just a strategic depth. The sooner they understand that the better?



  3. Great to know India is helping Afghan people for their safety and prosperous future….Afghan government should encourage its youths to join army, and help them trained in OTA to form a professional defence force in Afghan to counter the ISI backed taliban…Best of luck

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