India should explain position on Mumbai‚ Parliament attacks


Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry

Foreign Office Spokesperson Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry has hoped that the Indian government will explain its position and bring forth facts about the revelations made by a former Indian government official that New Delhi itself was behind the Mumbai and parliament attacks.

In an exclusive interview, FO Spokesman said we are also reviewing the statement made by the former Indian official.

When asked about the denial made by Teheek-e-Taliban Pakistan that it is not sending its fighters to Syria‚ the spokesperson said the concerned departments are looking into the matter and take necessary action if they noticed anything in this regard. He said non interference in the internal matters of other countries is the policy of Pakistan.

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  1. maybe if mr chaudhry had ever decided to do some research on the internet instead of watching bollywood movies maybe he wouldn’t need any clarifications…

    • That’s right. Do you “research” on the Internet. After all, the internet is the whole source of truth – and not facts presented as evidence.

      Typical moron.

      By the way – interesting statistics from “the internet” Apparently 2nd gen muslims from UK and Canada are the most intolerant, rabid and mis-informed people about Pakistan. Source “The Dawn” Pakistan’s Oldest English Newspaper

      • the internet is the best source for real news and facts today. its not my fault ure too brainwashed to realize it. and i like how u quote dawn one of the least credible pakistani newspapers out there. great job! keep it up!

        • Here is what you say “dawn one of the least credible pakistani newspapers”

          And you call me too brainwashed to realize “it” whatever it means.

          The Dawn was founded by Jinnah himself, and is Pakistan’s oldest English newspaper. If that makes it non-credible… I would love to find out what is credible. Perhaps PKKH?

          You might want to look in the mirror before you start screaming brainwashing. You’re an idiot, and try not to parade your ignorance everywhere.

          Strike 3 !!

          • i could care less what was founded by who u moron. the fact remains that dawn, geo and many others have sold out. america was founded by men who talked about freedom and look at where its at now. no freedom of press whatsoever. so yes u are a brainwashed fool.

  2. HOPE ??????????????
    you should formally DEMAND;
    My country’s name, honor and credibility was tarnished, damaged and defamed; and you say HOPE?
    Are you including you bosses and elected leaders converted to Hinduism representing Hindu-stan????? HOPe??? SHAME ON YOU ALL; Weak stand by this present so called elected government, has shamed us;

    • Aah, the feigning of hurt… oh so precious. Wake up moron. The whole world knows who was behind it. And with your typical racist chants against hindu-ism, you are simply proving that the ordinary Pakistani is a racist violent and deluded fool who believes in fairy tales and likes to kill.

      So go rape a Christian or something – and blame it on RAW

  3. For all the pakis and especially @321 and @Shahid..

    The officer RVS Mani who was the centrepoint of this controversy has DENIED making the allegation.. Check the latest press conference.. The only Indian news paper which started this controversy is TOI (The junkiest of all the news papers in India).. All the other newspapers dis-owned the story after it found that it had no crediblity..

    But I guess you porkistanis never get updated with the latest information, so I dont blame you for your ignorance.. Keep crying “foul”..

    • As u recall it was mr verma who actually made these allegations. Mani just relayed it. So in a way he is right. He didnt make the allegations. Verma did.

      If he had written it in his letter then i can only imagine what he was threatened with to keep him quiet. Oh an btw it was news portal “first post” not TOI that was the first to report on this. Nice try though.

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