India says five soldiers killed in attack on Pakistan border





Five Indian soldiers were killed in an attack along the disputed border  with Pakistan in the Kashmir region, a senior Indian official said on  Tuesday, in an attack that comes as the two countries were moving toward  resuming stalled peace talks.

The talks were called off in January following an attack on the border in  which one Indian soldier was decapitated.

“Was briefed early this morning about news that 5 of our soldiers had been  killed on the LOC. My heartfelt condolences to their next of kin,” Jammu and  Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said in a Tweet, referring to the Line of Control dividing the two countries in the Himalayan region.

Indian media said the latest incident was an attack on an Indian military post.

It comes as the nuclear-armed rivals have been edging closer to restarting peace talks. Pakistan has proposed dates for resuming the talks, and India has been preparing a response.

“This is an extremely unfortunate incident. If Pakistan wants to have better relations with India this is not the way,” Indian junior home minister R.P.N. Singh said outside parliament in New Delhi.

A lasting peace between Pakistan and India, which have fought three wars since both gained independence in 1947, has long proved elusive. With many fearing an upsurge in conflict in Afghanistan after Western forces pull out next year, it is even more important for India and Pakistan to ratchet down tension, according to some analysts.

Officials on both sides have said there may be a meeting between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif – who made better ties with India a theme in his election campaign in May – and his Indian counterpart, Manmohan Singh, on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York in September.

India charges that Pakistan arms and harbors militants in Kashmir, the Muslim-majority territory claimed by both nations, and pushes them across the 740-km (460-mile) de facto border.

Pakistan denies arming the militants, saying it offers only moral support to the people of Kashmir.

There has been a spate of unusually deadly militant attacks on Indian security forces in Kashmir this year. Around 25 militants have been killed by India’s armed forces in the past month, according to Indian officials, an unusually high number.

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  1. Just goes to prove that Pakis do not want peace. No point in talking about Kashmir, Sir Creek or even Siachen, when the Paki sitting across the table is a dog that cannot be trusted.

    • @thebombman… what about indian forces killed a Pakistani solider a day before ? u always use abusive language, as i always say u r mentally sick person with hyper-nature.

    • @thebmbman, here is the news report from your Time of India, I hope you r not mentally sick, but your actions show.

      NEW DELHI: Defence minister AK Antony’s statement on killing of five Indian soldiers in Poonch on Tuesday sparked of a controversy because he described the intruders as “terrorists along with persons dressed in Pakistan army uniform.

      Web link:

      • Turn left,turn right,target Pakistan
        Mind you Mr. Nad!Stop exposing tricks, action and operations conducted by the Indian soldiers against peace loving Pakistanis
        India shall never accept any of the facts mentioned by anybody which prove that India started firing on the Pakistani posts along the LOC to kill pakistani troops and damage the property across the LOC thus provoking Pakistan to defend herself.
        India does not care killing of the Indian troops by the Kashmiri militants and army but shall continue to blame the happenings upon Pakistan.
        Bharat Mata Ki Jai

        • Very Well Said!Our Dear Indian Army!!
          India Shall Continue Provoking Pakistan Breaking The Cease Fire Killing Pakistani Troops To Help India!!!
          Kashmiri People Shall Be Killed In A Systematic Way So That No One Doubts About The Genocide!!!!
          Ram Ram

    • @thebombman … In addition, it could be another false flag like Parlimant attack in 2001, 26/11, samjhota express carried out by army itself, etc etc. Indian supreme court has issued statements about samjhota that it was carried out by indian army… and also makka masjid action etc. This killing was carried by indian army, because for last few days Nawaz Shareef Pakistan PM has been trying to talk to endian PM for peace and future security. Foreign ministers were also scheduled for Sept. meeting. Whenever Pakistan and india start talking peace talk such things happen. I remember, before 26/11 there was a talk which was about to happen but 26/11 and could not happen since then. Someone does not want peace between 2 countries. This act of indian soliders killing could be done by indian army itself(same like samjhota express), so that blame can be put on Pakistan army that Pak army don’t want peace. india is very clever (under the umbrella of israel)… anything can be expected from endia.

      • you’re right it was another false flag. that border beheading stunt that they pulled was exposed when they refused to show the head of the body of dead soldier that was given to his family. it’s funny how unlike india, pakistan has every right to continue hostilities but it still tries to have dialogue to resolve issues unlike once again india which goes into warmongering mode. and yet pakistan is still called the aggressor.

    • Turn left,turn right,target Pakistan
      Very good Comment Mr. Bomb Man,keep it up
      Everybody here!Just stick to the false rhetoric that Pakistan killed the five Indian soldiers on the LOC.
      India does not care even if Kashmiri people kill all the Indian soldiers but shall blame Pakistan.
      Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  2. False Flag…. yeah right. Denial ain’t a river in Egypt peadolover…..

    Continue stupid acts like this, and you’ll get what’s coming to you…..and it won’t be us….

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