India Revising Its Statement: Pakistan Army’s Specialist Troops Involved in LoC Killings: AK Antony


AK Antony

NEW DELHI: Following the controversy generated over his comment on the killing soldiers at the Line of Control in Kashmir, Defence Minister AK Antony on Thursday said that a specialist group of the Pakistan army was involved in attack.

“No attack on Indian troops is possible without the support of the Pakistan Army,” he said while addressing the Parliament. Stating that the country’s restraint should not be taken for granted, Antony said, “Those in Pakistan who are responsible for this tragedy should not go unpunished.”

Reacting to his clarification, Leader of Opposition, Sushma Swaraj said, “BJP is glad that the government has corrected its error and should not repeat it.”

Antony said that his earlier statement was based on first information, later the Indian Army Chief got more details about the direct involvement of Pakistan Army.

Antony, has been under fire for saying that “terrorists along with persons dressed in Pakistan Army uniform”, said, “when as Defence Minister I make a statement before the Parliament on such a matter, I have to be very careful, I have to verify all the facts in detail. That is why I made a statement like that.”

On Wednesday, gunning for Antony, BJP escalated the stand-off over his statement on the killing of five soldiers on the LoC and paralysed Parliament, demanding his apology for giving a “clean chit” to Pakistan Army.

Antony, who maintained that he had to be “very careful” when he makes a statement in Parliament, was forced to give an assurance that he will come back to the House after Army Chief Gen Bikram Singh concludes his visit to Jammu.

NDA Parliamentary Party chief L K Advani, who demanded an apology from Antony, led a party delegation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and made it clear that they will not relent on their position when Parliament meets tomorrow.

The BJP leaders, who included party chief Rajnath Singh, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and her counterpart in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley, also told the Prime Minister that he should not meet his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif in New York next month in the current situation.

BJP members on Wednesday created ruckus in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, forcing their repeated adjournments before they closed for the day at 3 PM without transacting any substantive business.

Source: Economic Times

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  1. Correction : He did not say “specialist”

    Also – it’s funny that if a killing in Kashmir occurs when people wear Indian uniform – it is automatically assumed they are Indian soldiers, yet when people wearing Paki soldiers kill – they are not Paki soldiers. Double standards galore.

    Ultimately – we all know the truth. 120 people have been killed in Pakistan by other Pakistanis during Ramzaan. In one month alone !!

    ……and we are to believe this is a nation of peace lovers? Yeah right !!

    • @The Bomb Man

      You lot have now ceased to amaze me. At the mere mention of Pakistan your heads go into dizzying spin and your hearts throb with emotional upheaval as if being chased by pipping lava.

      Beyond amusing statements your comments hold no value.

      What you lot need to do is clear your hearts of the venom the has seeped into your veins against Pakistan. May then you can think clearly and there will be peace in the region.

    • The Bomb Man,

      If in Kashmir ,the people wearing Indian uniform are basically Pakistanis as you pointed out, then why Kashmiri people actually celebrate the Independence day of India as a “Black Day”?

      Do you think Kashmiri people are stupid that they don’t know who is causing problem in Indian occupied Kashmir?

  2. I suppose Pakistani media will soon blame India for attacking itself along the LOC just to,make Pakistan look bad….terrorist like hafiz zaheed walk free in Pakistan with his TTP brothers and religious parties celebrate killings..your future is grim …

    • has india provided any evidence that it was pakistan? no clearly not. and they won’t b/c there is none. and as for mr saeed ur own country the US doesn’t have any evidence against him. u do remember that $1000000 reward for his head that was changed to a $1000000 reward for credible evidence? why hasn’t anyone gone get given that evidence already eddied? surely if there’s so much evidence someone must have claimed the reward? and hafiz saeed doesn’t support ttp moron, he supports the afghan resistance against terrorist NATO occupiers. telling lies isn’t going to help u. our future might be grim at the moment but unlike u we have a future.

  3. @Eddied

    Why is it that truth evades you lot? Could it be that you lot are consistent liars and that truth shies away from you?

    The Hindutva mindset keeps denying people peace in the region. You lot need to sort yourselves out.

    There is evidence against HZ and you’re used to Indian media Pakistani media don’t make up things to cause hysteria in society.

  4. Pakistan Zindabad

    abe ja na tere baap main b itna tappar nhe h tu pakistan ko marega india agar pakistan main hamla krta h to dekh kia hota h

    • @The Bomb Man
      You can’t even catch DI and you lot think you can face the Pakistan Army ! This isn’t delusional its plain stupidity. Sort yourselves out if you want peace in the region. Clean your hearts of the venom in that resides in your veins against Pakistan.

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