India planned airstrikes against Pakistan after Mumbai attacks: Kasuri


KARACHI: Former foreign minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri said India had charted out planning to go for air strikes against Pakistan following Mumbai attacks.

According to an Indian magazine, Kasuri told India had hammered out plan to conduct air strikes in Pakistan to target Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Jamat ul Dawat in Muridke following Mumbai terror attacks. “Had India attacked Pakistan then Pakistan army would have given befitting reply,” he asserted.

It was further said in the report that former foreign minister said that too much back door talks were held between Pakistan and India on the issues of Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek.

Kasuri also confirmed that Pakistan army and ISI supported the accord of peace, friendship and security between Pakistan and India.

“We don’t want borders for the sake of division of territories. Kashmiris wanted demilitarization of Kashmir. The agreement on Sir Creek was decided and only signatures were needed. India had accepted Pakistan proposal on the matter of Siachen

, Former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri has admitted that back channel talks had worked wonders during the Manmohan Singh-Pervez Musharraf regime and it almost resulted in solving the Kashmir issue.

The revelations may encourage the Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif governments on working to reduce the trust deficit.

“The backchannel negotiations were in works for three years and Pakistan Army and ISI were briefed on all the developments…India and Pakistan were at the point of agreement on Jammu and Kashmir,” Kasuri told Karan Thapar at the To The Point talk show on India Today TV on Monday night.

Kasuri was speaking ahead of release of his book Neither Hawk Nor Dove in India this Wednesday. The book provides an insider account of those years — one of the most secretive and fascinating periods of Indo-Pak diplomacy.

Asserting that the formula for peace for Kashmir, besides Sir Creek and Siachen still hold good and would be basis of any future resolution, Kasuri said that Modi and Sharif should revive back channel talks.  “Backchannels can achieve results…PM Modi should appoint a person he trusts for conducting backchannel talks with Pakistan,” suggested the former foreign minister who held portfolio under Pervez Musharraf between 2002-2008.

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  1. Pakistanis want and demand to know what agreements had been made over the Kashmir issue. I am glad that no settlement was made. All of Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and we will eventually take it just like we broke them in 1947.

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