India, Pakistan PMs meet in New York



NEW YORK (AP) — The prime ministers of India and Pakistan are meeting in New York on Sunday morning in a new push for improved relations on the subcontinent.

Indian premier Manmohan Singh and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif are meeting on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. It is their first face-to-face since Sharif was re-elected in May.

Sharif calls the meeting a chance for a “new beginning” in relations between South Asia’s nuclear rivals. Singh has reciprocated the goodwill but downplayed expectations for the talks. He says relations can’t improve until Pakistan stops militants launching attacks in India.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars in their 65 years since independence from Britain. Relations have been strained since the 2008 Mumbai attacks and recent attacks in divided  Kashmir complicate the latest push for peace.

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  1. what type of peace does nawaz want? is it one where pakistan is constantly licking indian boots and making concessions to its detriment? or one where pakistan and india work together as equals with mutual respect for long term peace and progress? if he wants the former than he can continue doing what he is doing now. if he wants the latter then he should give the indian elite these conditions.

    a)to stop supporting terrorism inside pakistan.
    b)to stop it’s propaganda and disinfo war against pakistan

    a)to admit that it controls iok illegally
    b)give kashmiris their right of self-determination.
    c)apologize and give due compensation to the kashmiris

    3)to stop illegally building dams.

    a)to crackdown on hindu terrorist groups
    b)stop creating false-flag attacks to blame on pakistan.

    5)to admit that they sent terrorists into east pakistan to divide it up.

    6)to return siachen to pakistan

    7)to admit that it was planning raids that provoked pakistan into preemptively attacking it in 1999

    a)to give up their dream of a greater bharat and b)acknowledge pakistan’s right to exist
    c)terminate its plots against pakistan

    these conditions are perfectly reasonable and doable. if india does these things, there will be long term peace and progress. if not, then india has only itself to blame.

  2. Nawaz Shareef has even shown his insincerity to India (LoL) as expected nothing came of the meeting.

    What is more he has created a controversey calling Manmohan Singh a Dehathi Aurat, which is wrong even though very true.

    Nawaz Shreef is a fraud to everyone.

    Even a Kusra has more self respect than this douche.

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