India does not understand language of peace: Khawaja Asif



ISLAMABAD- Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said if India does not understand our language of peace then we will have to make it understand in Indian language.

He said this while talking to media men before National Assembly (NA) session today. He went on to say India should not misconstrue our desire for peace as our weakness. “We are fully capable to give befitting reply to India to its hollow threats. India has persistently indulged in border violations. But we have exercised restraint. Pakistan is committed for peace in the region. But if India does not understand our language of peace then we will have to make it understand in its own Indian language,” he underlined.

He held Indian Prime Minister Narindar Modi has demonstrated openly his extremist postures and his past have also remained highly extremist. He massacred innocent Muslims in Gujarat.

Defense minister said consensus prevails among all the political parties on the establishment of military courts. He observed that prayer and cure both will have to be made against terrorism as no healing will come without them.

The way legislation is being enacted with good intent for elimination of terrorism from the country, we will surely succeed therein, he asserted.


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  1. Hope it is not empty words from an empty politician.

    If this disgraced politician wants his credibility follow this through.

    Pakistan silence has been India’s gain.

    We all know Indian sponsored terror has taken place on the Pak Sar Zameen since 1947 but the last decade went further.

    India now hand and glove with Zionists have taken full advantage of Pakistan silence and inept ability to show the real face of Indian sponsored terror in Pakistan.

    Indian lobby’s have gained so much in this decade from Pakistan’s inability to counter the Indian created perception of Pakistan.

    With the damage done India has used her contacts through the Zionists media to defame and destroy Pakistans image.

    Today you find Non Resident Indian reporters on every media outlet in the world from Washington Post to Al Jazeera slamming Pakistan with know context or validity of claims. These NRI’s are working on behalf of the Ganges Civilisation mother India to destroy Pakistan image and further India’s global but regional image also.

    It is high time we show the world the ugly face of Indian terror, lies, deceit and manipulative tactics.

    Pakistan has for too long sat back and allowed thus bulky to rant and rave her Web of deceit and lies to the world.

    It is high time Pakistan recognise the importance of this Psychological War India is playing to maintain her advantage on perception.

    A recent white colleague commented on the perception of Pakistan v India and mentioned India positively until I showed the beauty a day culture of Pakistan and he was in awe.

    He recently visited India and described it a cesspit, dysfunctional and people very synthetic and artifical hiding tales of sorrow and squallow behind their fake smile. They still felt The Brits were their leaders with their yes sir no sir I will dooo it Sir mentality.

    We have lost our brave brothers because of Indian hostility yet the world “thinks” Pakistan was ever the instigator which if looked subjectively no sense what so ever.

    Pakistan is at war from within and miscreants paid by India on our Western Front. We have no need for another front opened up and it is India always revvling in the lies about her troubles with her western front.

    Why does India not do this with China because it receives a swift and concise reply followed by Chinese communications setting the context.

    Pakistan sits silent not allowed to retaliate effectively nor able to communicate to the world.

    Perception is everything and the India created perception has to change by a Strong Communications strategy to show the world that we are actually the victims of Indian State Terror.

    Pakistan needs to respond heavy handed and Khwaja said needs to be at the forefront of this response and not hold our army back.

    Ordinary Pakistan is reading or sharing this must also do their bit to change the narrative created by India and Indians and must do this eloquently with good articulation on blogs news feeds twitter Facebook and respond to News Reports countering the Indian Trolls.

    I visit Indian deceitful news feeds and try my best to do spell the lies and so should all of my Pakistani brethren. I no from good authority that India pays people to troll the Internet to promote India and defame Pakistan and Muslims.

    Khwaja sahib don’t shale our army stand behind it let them unleash a befitting reply and these Indian aggressions will stop. India can not afford a war even a short one and WE have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Become vocal Pakistan government and sey up a clear communications strategy to counter the Indian Misinformation War. For this as much as Khwaja Sahib will hate it he has to work with the military a day intelligence.

    We ordinary Pakistan is must do out bit too to fend off the Indian trolls on the Web.

    Promote Pakistan we gave a greater richer history and beauty unparalleled that leaves people speechless.

    We should not let India hijack our history either and be proud to beat our chest to the world that we ate The India Valley Civilisation the heir to the mighty Mughal Empire and “they” ate not like us The Ganges Civilisation.

    We are Proud of Pakistan our army and the people we just need these politicians to recognise it.

    Why shy away from being stern with India Mr Sharif if it’s business you want doing and further you wealth accumulation – make thus Pakistan we are minerally culturally and strategically richer than the Ganges Civilisation.

    We Love You Pakistan and we remember our sacrifices as ordinary Pakistanis.

    We just hope one day these empty politicians will recognise this and love Pakistan like we do and only then will you be worthy to serve and protect our beautiful Pakistan.

    I spoke in depth to a Malaysia brother on how beautiful his country and people were. He replied back that Pakistan and Pakistanis are just as beautiful if not more and it saddens the people of Malaysia that Pakistan today goes through such problems.

    Pakistan he said has the building blocks to be a great great nation and thus would only serve to increase ties between Malaysia and Pakistan and would make Malaysia proud.

    If only our empty deceitful politicians felt this way too sadly.

  2. You pakistanis are losers. Khud toh apna desh sambhala nai jaa raha….. Chale hai doosro ko samjhane

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