India has no evidence against Pakistan for Uri attack allegations: Nisar


ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday said that Pakistan cannot initiate any investigation of the Uri attack because India itself does not have any evidence for it.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, Nisar said that India had accused Pakistan to defame it and that it had no evidence to do so.

“When Indians themselves have no proof, then what kind of action can Pakistan take? They have only leveled an accusaation, and that too only to defame Pakistan. And there can be no bigger proof than this [of their intentions],” said the interior minister.

“We have not placed any restrictions or censorship on the media here. It is them who haves placed censorship. Why? Because when their lies were exposed, they had to enforce censorship,” said Nisar, referring to reports of the Indian Ministry of Defence ordering media to ‘pre-verify’ news related to the Indian army.

The Indian defence ministry’s gag orders were reported after a leading Indian publication contradicted a DGMO Lt-Gen Ranbir Singh’s false claims that weapons recovered from the slain attackers bore Pakistani markings.







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  1. DGMO India has also came down harsh on Indian media for making the statement that the weapons and items had the markings of Pakistan when this was not the case.

    Therefore if the equipment was being paraded as a major link back to Pakistan and that this was spurious and as ever indictment through Indian media – on what basis did they accuse Pakistan.

    This is nothing more but deflection while they crack down in Kashmir or a ploy to break Kashmiri resilience.

    We saw the Israelis do this all the time in Palestine.

    Kashmir is NOT Israel and India is only laying the foundation for a long bloody uprising that can suckled Pakistan and China into it.

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