India needs to be taught the rules: Chinese media on border standoff


NEW DELHI: As New Delhi and Beijing trade accusations of intruding into each others’ territory , a furious China on Wednesday used state-run media to call India “unruly” and say it “needs to be taught the rules”.

Not just that, state media outlet Global Times’s article also said Indians feels “strategically superior” and “arrogant” because “the US and West are willing to woo India to counterbalance China”.

And while India’s “national confidence has been greatly boosted with its GDP rising to fifth in the world”, it should remember that “it lags far behind China in terms of national strength,” the article in Global Times said.

India, it said, “cannot afford a showdown with China” on border issues.

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The article said that Beijing ” avoids making an issue of border disputes ” and painted Chinese authorities as generally being “low-profile” in the face of such disputes.

“China avoids making an issue of border disputes, which has indulged India’s unruly provocations. This time the Indian side needs to be taught the rules,” Global Times wrote.

India thinks China is being “contained” by Japan and the US, the Chinese media outlet said.

“Therefore, they can indulge themselves on issues including border disputes, while China has no choice but to make concessions,” it wrote.

“It remains unclear whether this flare-up is the fault of low-level Indian troops or a tentative strategic move made by the Indian government. Whatever the motive, China must stick to its bottom line. It must force the Indian troops to retreat to the Indian side by all means necessary, and China’s road construction mustn’t be stopped,” the article added.

China on Tuesday officially accused Indian troops of “crossing the boundary”+ to disrupt the construction of a road in the region, making it clear that it has shut down the Nathu La Pass for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra pilgrims because of the border stand-off.

But Indian sources maintained it was soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army who intruded into Indian territory, destroyed two bunkers near the Lalten post and abruptly stopped the batch of pilgrims headed for Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet

China, though, must not stand for it, the article said.






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