India getting away with Kashmir atrocities: Alvi


LAHORE: President Dr Arif Alvi says the Kashmir issue isn’t drawing in due consideration of the world powers as India is an immense market and huge exchanging accomplice of different nations.

“This is the explanation the world powers are overlooking ethical quality and standards on the issue,” he said.

Talking at the 28th gold decoration granting service of Karkunan-e-Tehreek-e-Pakistan, coordinated by the Tehreek-e-Pakistan Workers Trust at Aiwan-e-Karkunan on Thursday, Dr Alvi commended the penances delivered by individuals of Kashmir for their right of self-assurance and said Feb 5 would be set apart to show full fortitude with them.

The president additionally called for fostering the Pakistan Movement oral history files as it was profoundly significant for the new age to know about the battle of the initial architects. He said the endeavors for the oral history files had been in progress in the country for the last 10 to 15 years. He liked the accessible oral history documents in the gallery at Minar-I-Pakistan.

Dr Alvi said the National Accountability Ordinance was basic as it just inquiries the wellsprings of riches and pay. He said aggregate endeavors were expected for country constructing other than advancing profound quality.

Prior in the day, the president met Governor Chaudhry Sarwar at the Governor House and talked about issues relating to administrative issues and settling the issues of abroad Pakistanis.

The lead representative informed the president on the changes in colleges, in excess of 1,200 continuous activities of Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority and new nearby government framework in Punjab.

The president and the lead representative communicated distress over the suffering of military officials and warriors in psychological oppression in Balochistan.

Dr Arif Alvi while tending to the employees and understudies at the administrative center of the Virtual University (VU) focused on the significance of data innovation (IT) and computerized reasoning (AI) to address future difficulties.

The president said the world would require around 80 million IT, AI and network protection specialists per annum and Pakistan was just delivering 27,000 IT specialists. “We should put forth attempts to create more specialists to address the issues of the world,” he said.

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    • 1968 to 1971 80,000 Hindu India Bengolis in the words of General Manekshaw of India were trained in guerilla warfare and educated in urdu and Islam.

      These terror group of Indians trained by Indian IB infiltrated through the porous border of East and West Bengal entered into East Pakistan?

      What was their mission?
      Where did they go?
      What violence were they trained up for?
      Why was a serving Indian Major overseeing the new statevof Bangladesh’s political, economic and military affairs?
      Why did the brave Bangladesh Army revolt against Bangladesh from becoming the next Bhutan, a satellite state of India?

      Bangladesh is testimony to the 2 Nation Theory an Independent Islamic Nation free of Hindu Right Wing skull duggery.

  1. The irony is that the US, UK, Canada and Australia take the moral hugh ground on abstaining from the Winter Olympics on grounds of Chinese FICTITIOUS human rights violations in XingJiang against our Uyghur Muslim brethren but are DEAF DUMB OBLIVIOUS AND BLIND to what India is doing in Indian Occupied Kashmir or rather that conflict needs to simmer for US and her allies startegic interests.

    The moral high ground of the West is in tatters and the stripping and bate naked flesh of democracy and rule of law is for all to see.

    XingJiang is the Balochistan of Pakistan, resource rich and landlocked with strategic economicall rich regions seeking rail, road connectivity for trade namely West and Central Asia. More inportantly XingJiang connects to Pakistan and is where CPEC connects to Pakistan. Like Gwader connecting to the Arabian Sea and then The World, XingJianh connects China to CPEC and Pakistan therefore To The World.

    Sad to say Muslims have jumped on an anti bandwagon of US propaganda BUT where is the US Boycott and sanctioning of India, of BJP and BJP political members members of the Indian brutal rapist military and airforce leadership .

    The cowardice of UAE to build ilegal infrastructure on Occupied Muslim lands to appease polytheist Hindu right wings speaks volumes.

    Yes the world has forgotten Kashmir, Muslims have forgotte Kashmir. The politics of cold war licks and chooses human rights atrocities ignoring the worlds oldest occupation namely Jammu and Kashmir or the policy of displacent and genocide suffered by The Palestinians.

    Ignoring Kashmir will not stop the struggle of The Kashmiris nor silence. A new generation is emerging to replace a conplacent Kashmiri leadership.

    As said before Kashmir can not be free without sacrifice without removing occupation forces and for that Pakistan must be prepared to FIGHT and inflict a bloody bloody nose to India and China should squeeze the US proxy and pet in the north.

    Kashmir is ignored but never forgotten.

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