India: Exposing its own faults about parliament attack and 26/11 hoax



Ex Home Ministry Officer R V S Mani has alleged that the then IG of Central Bureau Intelligence CBI-SIT, Satish Verma  had told him that both the terror attacks of Parliment and 26/11 Carnage in Mumbai orchestrated “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation”

He  said that S Verma had  “…narrated (to him) that the 13.12. 2001(attack on Parliament) was followed by POTA (Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act) and 26/11 2008 (terrorists’ siege of Mumbai) was followed by amendment to UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).”

Accusing that apart from these revelations from S Verma of alleging the  incumbent governments of “Setting Up” the terror attack on Parliament and the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai, Verma had coerced him (Mani) to sign a statement saying that the home ministry’s first affidavit in the Ishrat case was drafted by two IB officers.

The infamous Parliament Attack, 2001, after which India moved its forces and deployed them on Pakistan`s borders and created a war like situation and for which later on they hanged Afzal Guru without legitimated evidence of this involvement, has eventually turned out to be a big hoax. The same goes for 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, for which India has perpetually been maligning Pakistan in the international front, accusing him for being a terrorist sponsoring state and persuading western powers to pressurize Pakistan on all fronts. Ajmal Kassab of the Mumbai Attacks was no different form Afzal Guru as no decisive evidence was found in his case either.

Ex Home Ministry Officer R V S Mani
Ex Home Ministry Officer R V S Mani

Same goes with 26-11, India made this event as the most crucial of all, alleging Pakistan for everything and even hanged a guy Kassab, which thanks to our media outlets who tried to prove he was a Pakistani, the case of Kassab was no different than from Guru, no evidence was found against him too.

It must be remembered that before this, Hement Karkare had sought to unveil the culprits behind the Nanded bomb blasts (2006), the Malegaon bomb blasts (2007), the bomb blasts in local trains (2007) and the Samjhota Express incident.

Form the BJP`s government era, event like Gurgrat Massacre and Ishrat Jahan encounter are now again surfacing the Indian Media and S Mani`s revelation is exposing India`s dirty laundry to the world again.

Fake Encounters is not a new thing for India, according to the National Human Rights Commission of India, there were 440 cases of alleged fake encounters in the India during 2002-2007. Most of these happened in the states of Uttar Pradesh (231), Rajasthan (33), Maharashtra (31), Delhi (26), Andhra Pradesh (22) and Uttaranchal (19). From 2008-09 to June 2011, NHRC recorded 369 cases of alleged fake encounters. By June 2011, NHRC had resolved 98 of these cases, while the rest were pending settlement. The states with high number of cases were Uttar Pradesh (111), Manipur (60), West Bengal (23), Tamil Nadu (15) and Madhya Pradesh (15).

Will India be honest to its people this time and exposed and face the truth of corruption that underlies its decaying systems? Or will S Mani face the same fate Hement Karkare faced. Will the world now acknowledge Pakistan`s neutral policy towards its neighbors and India`s hegemonic designs.



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    rats will always be rats, that is smelly and filthy,Pakistanis have always been saying that it was nothing but drama bazi of bhaRAT.Just like that drama when these rats claimed that 5 more “terrorists” had crossed over to bhindia to do some sabotage activities when they found working in Lahore and were shown live on Mubashir Luqman’s show.Tjhis is like showing middle finger to the ratties!

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    This is actually comical…a new low for conspiracy theorists…India attacked itself and killed hundreds just to get a law changed?…how can anyone with a brain believe this?…not to mention the lies of saying that the one caught Pakistani was convicted without evidence…the fact that he was captured on video shooting at people and that he confessed to the crime means nothing to India haters…they will always find a way to twist the truth into what they want it to be…

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      Mr Eddied (cutter hater of muslims especially Pakistanis)… this report was in Time of India newspaper… not a Pakistani newspaper to deny. That’s wy Pakistani authorities were not allowed to meet the convicted person, and he was executed in a night time without all complete evidences and without Pakistani authorities asking him questions that how he got into this. Mr Eddied… u r completely brain washed against mulsims and Pakistanis… trust me india and israel r champions of creating deceptions and lies. Look for other angles also not just ur predefined and preoccupied angle.

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    There are well documented facts of false-flag and orchestrated black operations by nations to malign, put in disrepute or otherwise exact revenge (war on Iraq, no WMDs. Hindus have done this is Kashmir to tarnish the valiant efforts of Kashmiris to free themselves of tyranny. Hindus did it in East Pakistan by training the Mukti bhini and by mascerading in Pakistani army uniform and committing atrocities on East Pakistan. Eddie you need to get your midget brain out of the hindu crazed hyperbole and see facts. This is from Indian high official no less and reported in Indian media.

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      Isn’t it interesting that in my comment I said nothing about Muslims and yet I am being attacked as a Muslim hater?…clearly Nad and Zak have a hidden agenda they are trying to promote…the problems of Pakistan will never be resolved unless honest people take them on with open minds and stop looking for conspiracy theories in everything…people who are driven by hate and negativity never produce anything positive…

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          @nad…then accept the fact that Pakistan is the biggest supplier of terrorists in the world…it used to be Afganistan but the NATO troops put al Qaeda on the run…Taliban sympathizers have confused the local people into thinking all their problems are caused by outsiders when in fact the biggest killers are home grown in your madrasahs…accept that reality and you will begin to understand why things are so bad in your country…

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        Actually it’s not interesting at all. And yes I believe their hidden agenda is to expose u fr the compulsive liar that u are. Bye having an open mind means that u dont throw away any possibility especially if it had a ton of evidence backing it up such as this one.

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        Prove that it isn’t an inside job. I find it hilarious when u keep saying That theres evidence. where is this so called evidence? They have nothing to show except a bunch of coverups.

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        You’re trying to reason with a Paki? Give it up yaar…. much better to abuse them. If they have nothing to fall back on, they usually start the hindu this hindu that !!

        In the meanwhile, look up Zaidu Chaiwalla….. awesome 😉

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    Pakistani media is sold out and now we have a hindu loving bastard as a PM. If similar news implicating Pakistan would appear, not only Indian media would have a field day, Pakistan’s own media would be up front 24/7. Our harami media has not yet said anything on TV. Shame! Shame!

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    Yay. Waiting for Zaidu Chaiwalla to come out with the Ram Singh theory again. I love it when Pakis give 200% media coverage to every nutter in India that comes out with stupidly outlandish theories.

    In the meanwhile, more Shias killed in Quetta (by Blackwater …. no doubt)

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    eddied logic: pakistanis blaming foreign countries for terrorists attacks with a ton of evidence = crazy conspiracy theorist terrorists. indians blaming pakistan for everything without any evidence whatsoever = guardian angels of freedom and justice.

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      If pakistanis does have ‘tons’ of evidence against India, why dont you present it in ICJ or similar organisations??

      Why didnt your government try to present the evidence in front of the world media? Why would your government give MFN status to a country which tarnished your reputation in every public forum in world after 26/11???

      If your patriotism is clouded with hatred towards other countries, you wont get anywhere..

      In february 19 2009, why did Rehman Malik, gather a press conference to inform that arrests were made to initiate criminal proceedings against culprits involved in Mumbai attack???

      YOUR governement acknowledged that the Mumbai attack was planned in its soil.. And that is something you CANNOT deny..

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        ure asking me why my traitorous gov went along with the indian propaganda? well if u find the key word in the previous sentence then u’ll figure out why. the US also claims that 19 immortal men living in caves were able to hijack 3 planes with pocketknives and outsmarted the intelligence agencies of the whole developed world all the while defying physics. so u see i could care less about what the mainstream media blabs on about. i rather listen to independent, unbiased and credible sources. and it is from INDIAN sources from which i have gotten all the evidence I need to be convinced that 26/11 was an inside job.

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          @321 Sorry but you have revealed yourself to be the idiot we all thought you were…you deny 9/11 and think the Americans attacked themselves…and you deny 26/11 and believe the Indians attacked themselves…and the Al Qaeda , Taliban, and other extremists had nothing whatsoever to do with it?….it is obvious that you live on a river in Pakistan called denial…

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            eddied i have shown you that i am more knowledgable about these things than u because i actually do the research whereas u just regurgitate whatever ur bosses tell u to say. and like i said b4 u have a short term memory which has led u to once again forget that i have given proof all from WESTERN (mostly american) sources. don’t u remember those 12 videos i told u to watch? oh silly me. forgive me, i forgot u don’t like hearing cold, hard facts so u just ignore every piece of evidence i give u. why don’t u adress the supposed feats i listed above done by supposed alqaeda terrorists.

            i still can’t believe that i used to waste all that time trying to educate a shill.

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    But your Amry Haven’t told you that they are also training & funding thousands of (Anti Human) Mercenaries from Afghan Soil to kill innocent people in Pakistan.

    Pakistan has lost more than 40,000 civilians and 15000+ security Jawan’s and hundreds of Billion dollars in economic loss.

    Weather it is 2001 or 2008 Mumbai attack or Samjhota express blast …. After blaming Pakistan or ISI for every terror incident, Indian officials reveal the truth that “It was Inside job to pressurize Pakistan and strict the laws for hundreds of separatists movement in India “

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    hehehe – Must be 100% true news. Apart from zero coverage after the first day in India, even Paki newspapers have realised that this is nonsense.

    Of course – for everyone except those who drink at Zaidu Chaiwalla

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      @ What about when endians published first day then they realized that the further discussion on this could be disaster for endia. As far as Pakistan is concern, there r still some Pakistani channel talking on this issue such as ARY News etc. Don’t worry and relax.

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      The amount of coverage has nothing to do with its credibility. I mean just look at all the coverage given to the the antipakistan version and that without any evidence.

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        Are you kidding me? If this news was even remotely true, the media in India would have gone to town over it. And the media in Pakistan. And the Pakistani Government.

        Guess what though – no is taking it seriously. Except conspiracy nutters……

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          Ure nuts. Why would the indian media ever tell the truth about this? The only reason this was manufactured was to blame it on pakistan!

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    Eddied its not first time. Same happend with Samjota express blamed was put on Pakistan but later was exposed by officer Karke that it was done by RSS and Army. And this honset police officer was first person to be get killed in Mumbai attacks.

    And guess what after few days ppl behind Samjota express gets free among than Army person Rohait. And this isnt the only case on Clinton vist 36 Sikhs were killed in Kashmir yet again Pakistan was blamed and they did all drama arround it. And yet again there own police told it was Army who did it.

    So its not Indian goverment but elements within Indian goverment and Army who has agenda they want to enforce by these actions. Same as American.

    And i am not saying Pakistan in angle.

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        This is becoming entertaining…this idiot 321 actually believes this rubbish and is ready to defend his conspiracy theory that is basd on the comments by one policeman who overheard a comment made by someone else?…believing that India attacked itself and killed hundred of its own citizens just to make Pakistan look bad?…maybe I should not laugh at this because it is unfair to laugh at the mentally handicapped…but, by the way, no country needs to do anything to make Pakistanis look bad…they are quite capable of doing it to themselves…

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          eddied i could care less about what u say. you are a proven compulsive liar with short-term memory so u have no credibility whatsoever.

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