India to dig new canals in bid to block Pakistan’s water


NEW DELHI (Daily Dunya) – In another move to scrap Indus Waters Treaty, India is mulling to dig new canals along River Sindh in bid to block flow of water into Pakistan.

India will dig canals along western rivers in bid to store water in large quantity, reported British Broadcasting Corporation.

According to the Indus Water Treaty, Pakistan has unrestricted access to the three rivers, i.e. Jhelum, Chenab and the Indus. For its part, India was allocated unrestricted access to the three eastern rivers, i.e. Ravi, Sutlej and Beas.

Analysts say such moves by Modi’s regime can pose serious threats to Pakistan despite assurance from other side of border that projects are in line with Indus Waters Treaty.

The Indus Waters Treaty 1960 is seen as one of the most successful international treaties and has withstood frequent tensions between India and Pakistan, including conflict.

The Treaty sets out a mechanism for cooperation and information exchange between the two countries regarding their use of the rivers, known as the Permanent Indus Commission which includes a commissioner from each of the two countries. It also sets out a process for resolving so-called “questions”, “differences” and “disputes” that may arise between the parties.


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  1. Surely this is a threat to national security of the highest kind.

    This warrants an preemptive strike on Indian construction.

    To hell with what the international community will say. We all know there is no point in dialogue with the Indians because it will become too late.

    Hot them hard and be prepared for the response.

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