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Let’s talk about India; the country who claims to be one of the most democratic and peace loving state. India believes that Kashmir is an integral part of India, but when it comes to the human rights violations in J&K; Indian forces deal the same Kashmiris with guns and torture. Whenever major countries make an alliance with Pakistan, India comes up with baseless allegations against Pakistan. India has a habit of playing the blame game whether its LoC violations, Naval dockyard attack, Pathankot or Kashmir Killings. Following the tradition, this time Its Uri Attack, that made India to start the same old propaganda game against Pakistan.

Being our closest neighbor, India has made all efforts to isolate Pakistan internationally. But the question is, did it work? Russia widely supported Pakistan by sending their troops here for military drills. China stands with Pakistan on Kashmir issue. Similarly, Iran wished to join CPEC and UK has refrained from naming Pakistan in Uri attack. Now what has made India believe that Pakistan is out-of-the-way when it stands high on each forum?

Meanwhile, In response to India’s atrocities questioned by Pakistan in UNGA, India held back & avoided to answer on its brutality in Kashmir and instead stuck to propagandizing Baluchistan with a bunch of lies, hiding the fact that it has been out, funding contract killers in Baluchistan to instigate chaos and instability in the region.  Kulbhushan Yadave is an evident example who was captured by Pakistani intelligence in Baluchistan and confessed to everything India has been conducting in Baluchistan before the security forces.

In the current scenario, Indian prime minister openly threatened Pakistan that it will internationally isolate Pakistan.  India befooling its people that boycotting SAARC will be a great diplomatic victory for India which actually is not going to be of any harm to Pakistan who has already made its ground in the global politics very clear.

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  1. SAARC are not game players and are chameleons who change their colours depending on the season.

    Bangladeshis do not like India and the Awami League can exist only so far.

    AfghaNissan held hostage by Tajik and Uzbek ex war Lords of the Northern Alliance can exist only so far and must work towards reconciliation if they wish to bring their nation to the road of peace and stability.

    Bhutan is the tragedy of British Imperial Rule and has become an Indian State.

    Nepal again has her issues with the Indians and Pakistan offers very little political collateral and nor should it. We hope Nepal sees sense and falls under a Chinese centric umbrella

    Indians are a joke they have an over I flated ego. for the first time the West paid an interst to India since the East India COMPANY and India feels it is a decisive power house in the world. Far from it, the sad reality is that the West still thinks of India as her spoilt brown nosed little self proclaimed maharaja. The same alliances were made with the East India Company mich to the regions detriment and this is the same story all over again.

    Indian egos coupled by a fanatic right wing Hindu government at the helm does not bode good for India.

    If India wants a united Asia akin to Europe post imperialism it as in India must just do that.

    It must first remove any imperial ambition which is harder to do in practice as it is now entrenched in the Hindu right wing psyche and fabricated history.

    Secondly it must treat Pakistan as an equal and understand Kashmiri’s seek independence or to become part of Pakistan.

    If India were to do this and settle Sir Creek and remove forces from Siachen then life would become better for everyone.

    The region can become more and more integrated and social mobility promoted with better people to people interaction.

    This will create an environment of stability and prosperity and will pour in direct FDI to the entire region. the wealth and modernisation of a United Asia can supercede the European experiment.

    India must open up and accept the reality on Kashmir and stop spreading terror into Pakistan.

    India must curb her right wing extremists and likewise Pakistan must curb and educate their extremists.

    Think of the endless possibilities.

    Or continue conflict and dreaming about an empire that never was or never will be. Continue to allow extremists on both sides to grow unabated and the drums of war never too far away. Deny FDI into both regions and not allow United Asia to emerge as the most important tradding block of the modern times.

    Continue killing Kashmiri’s and Pakistan will continue supporting the freedom movement. Pakistan will continue supporting he right of Khalistanis and demand Junagadh and Manavadar and on and on.

    Wake up India and focus in the bigger picture and shed your ridiculous ego.

    Remember in an apocalyptic doomsday scenario for East and West of the Indus the dream of a Hindu centric nation will come to an end.

    A new Pakistan can be created but not a new India which is Hindu centric all be it in its present size.

    Come to your senses.

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