India should accept defeat before Kashmiris’ struggle, says Nawaz


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said that India has two choices on Kashmir, either keep on with its aggression that has left over 45 people dead over the past 11 days or to give people of the in the disputed Himalayan valley their due rights which it had promised in the UN.

In a message In a message on Black Day to protest against the atrocities of security forces in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) Nawaz said that Pakistan stands with Kashmiris in every hour of trial adding that this relation is based not only on religion, civilization and humanity but also on blood.

“We will never leave Kashmiris alone and their case will be fought at all the diplomatic, political and human rights fora,” he reiterated.

He added that Pakistan cannot keep itself aloof if such recurrent inhuman treatment was meted out to the Kashmiris in IOK noting that the entire nation is expressing solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

He said the current freedom wave in Kashmir will not subside and that when nations rise in such a way, nothing can stop them in their path towards freedom. “India has no other option but to accept its defeat before the heroic struggle,” he said.





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