Independence Day: “Minutes to Midnight”


Its so hard to let go an eye witness’s account, many of us might have chance of listing to such accounts where the narrator’s spirit utter through his words and eyes, eyes never rust, they never age, they hold every little glimpses of the battles they fought, it’s all in the eyes, eyes which serve as the portal, transfer the listener back to that actual instant, had a chance to repeatedly listen to such encounter, story teller was someone close and every time it was all in his eyes, especially at the climax of the story he used to tell, when bunch of Muslim League youth alongside the narrator were sitting next to a radio, waiting for an announcement, waiting for Quaid-e-Azam to start his address, being all anxious, counting every second, absorbing every moment of approaching minutes, all their struggle, all of their sacrifice, years of steadfastness have been concluded in these next few minutes and when clock did declare the arrival of midnight it was the most shinning moment of their lives, somehow at midnight they witnessed the dawn.

Story of Pakistan is something which is rarely observed by antiquity, its essence has more to it which meets the eye, something novel, something elemental, people still ponder upon the question that what made a group of people become so dramatically and firmly devoted to an idea which seemingly perplexed the political pundits for years who try to mask the whole thing up just as an emotional response of majority of Muslims of subcontinent against decades of socio-economic suppression jointly conducted by the hands of Hindu majority and few hundred thousand of foreign ruling minority.

Basis of creation of Pakistan was the philosophy that Indian subcontinent is mainly habitat of two major ways of life, i.e. Islam and Hinduism, two nation theory was not a time bound ideology, it was and still is the phenomena, it was the force which didn’t allow absorption of East Pakistan into west Bengal, it’s the engine on which political survival movement of Indian Muslim is running and it’s the core of Kashmiri freedom struggle. While dismissing the this political trivia modern analyst tend to intentionally overlook the fact that it was the slogan endorsed by the majority vote, 1946’s polls saw overwhelming endorsement of this fact when 76% of the Muslims voted in favor of Muslim league making it single largest representative of Muslims of subcontinent, all the champions of democracy and free speech ae guilty of doing this bias.

Scene around us is quite similar to that it was during Pakistan movement, forces who were at play against the will of the people are in the game again, idea of separate Muslim state was seriously opposed by two factions then, the so called liberal nationalists and specific factions of the some religious elite, with all due respect to Moulana Asad Madani and Abul Kalam Azad history will termed them as personalities full of themselves and most importantly standing against the flow of antiquity, followed by considerable numbers their stance  carved never ending daunting debate over the genesis of Pakistan. Than there were those who claimed to be shepherds of their clan on the basis of ethnicity and tribal roots, their ideals also perished in the floods of Pakistan movements, once who joined hands with congress in Sindh then NWFP and Baluchistan decedents of whom are still beating the same drums, the remnants of Jamiat Ulmea Hind in Pakistan in form of JUI and offshoots of Khudai Khimatgar in form of ANP still roaming the land once which they resented and still serving fallen egos of their dead forefathers, likes of Fazul-ur- Rehmans, Achakzais, Asfandyars, Asama Jahangirs and other foreign apologist who give the impression of Pakistani passport holders of Indian nationality.

Its correct being as a state and nation Pakistan is facing lot of challenges both foreign and domestic and there is a lot which has to be done in order to bring balance and tranquility, security challenges blend with ideological confusion spread through internal and external media franchise should among the prime concern, there is hardly a state on the world wide map in which there are so much versions of definitive facts which are being manipulated by so many peoples, international investments in Pakistani media is a known fact and so are the financer and perpetrators spreading ideological confusion and raising preliminary questions  over and over again by only highlighting whats bad going around, making one think wheather it was good call to become a separate nation.

So if time comes when all the chaos and mayhem cause you to lose faith on Pakistan try to look for someone who absorbed its creation with belief, listen to their account, look into their eyes and try to relive those minutes to midnight they hold so near and dear to their hearts, all the pain, all the glory and all the promises, imprint those on your heart and try to figure how they able to find dawn at midnight and you will never have to despair again.


Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at

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