In his last public address, COAS Bajwa slams anti-army narrative, asks political stakeholders to move forward


Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, in his final public address as the army chief, criticisedanti-military narrative and prompted political stakeholders to set away markers of ‘imported’ and ‘favored’ to move forward for the country’s sake.

The army chief made these reflections on Wednesday during his speech at the Defence and Killers day form, which is held annually at the General Headquarters(GHQ) Rawalpindi on September 6 to commemorate the offerings of departed icons of the 1965 war. still, it was laid over this time in solidarity with flood tide victims across the country and tallied for moment.

“Moment, I’m addressing the Defence and Killers Day as the army chief for the last time,” Gen Bajwa, who’s set to retire by November 29, said at the launch of his speech. “I’m retiring soon. This time, this(form is being held) after some detention.”

‘Army’s hindrance in politics for 70 times’ made it target of review
He devoted a major portion of his speech to political matters, saying that he frequently wondered that the Indian army carried out the most mortal rights violations in the world but “their people infrequently make them the target of review”.

“In discrepancy to that, our army which day and night remains busy in serving the nation, is frequently made the subject of review,” he said. “A major reason for this is the army’s hindrance in politics for the last 70 times which is unconstitutional”.

“This is why in February last time the army, after great deliberation, decided that it would noway intrude in any political matter. I assure you we’re rigorously adamant on this and will remain so.”

‘False narrative was created, from which an escape is now sought’
The army chief said that rather of drinking the service’s decision, “numerous sectors used veritably unhappy and undignified language while making the army the target of severe review. ”
“ To denounce the army is the right of(political) parties and the people, but the language used(should be careful),” he said.

Gen Bajwa said that a “false narrative was created”, from which “an escape is now being tried”.

He said the army had initiated its process of “catharsis” and anticipated that political parties would follow suit as well and reflect on their geste. “This is the reality that there have been miscalculations from every institution, including political parties and civil society.”

The COAS said that assignments should be learned from similar miscalculations so the nation could move forward.

‘Time’s come for political stakeholders to set aside pride, move forward’
Gen Bajwa said the country was facing “serious profitable” issues and no bone party could take the country out of the fiscal extremity.

“ Political stability is obligatory and the time has come for all political stakeholders to set aside their pride, learn from once miscalculations, move forward and take Pakistan out of this extremity. ”

He stressed the need for the nation to exfoliate dogmatism and borrow a “true popular culture”.

Gen Bajwa regretted the political parties’ review, first after the 2018 general choices and also again following the successful vote of no confidence this time, recalling that whoever lost ingrained the other as either “named” or “imported”.

“We need to reject this geste,” he said. “Palm and defeat are part of politics and every party will have to develop the strength to accept its palm as well as defeat so an tagged government comes in the coming election rather of an imported or named one.”

He said that if Pakistan wanted to move forward also it would need to duck dogmatism and the station of “I do n’t accept”.

The COAS lauded the offerings of killers and praised their families, saying that the army would “continue to serve and cover the country”.

At the onset of the event, a homage videotape was played about the recent disastrous cataracts in the country and the scale of destruction they caused. The videotape also showcased the service’s deliverance, relief and recuperation sweats.

‘ East Pakistan was a political failure, not military bone’
Gen Bajwa also bandied the army’s performance and conduct in Bangladesh during the 1971 civil war, which said were motifs that utmost people avoided.
“ I want to correct some data then. originally, former East Pakistan was a political failure and not a military one, ” he said.

He said the number of soldiers fighting was not 92,000 but 34,000 and the others were in different government departs. He added that these 34,000 soldiers were confronted by an Indian army of 250,000 soldiers and 200,000 members of the Mukti Bahini.

“Against these heavy odds, our army fought bravely and gave exemplary offerings which were conceded by Indian army principal field marshal Manekshaw.”

He said the nation had yet not possessed up to these offerings which was a “great injustice”. “Taking advantage of this occasion I laud these killers and will continue to do so. They’re our icons and the nation should be proud of them,” Bajwa added.

Gen Bajwa will be retiring by the end of the month after commanding the army for six times. He was appointed army chief in 2016 for a three-time term, which was extended by another three times after congress enacted on the tours of services chiefs on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Source: Dawn News

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