Imran Vows to Choke NATO Supplies After Nov 20



Urging the political leadership to stand united, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan declared on Monday the time had come for tough decisions. “On November 20, we will stop the Nato supply lines in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa,” Imran told lawmakers in the National Assembly.

Earlier, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan opened the debate with a policy statement stating that after Hakimullah Mehsud’s death in Friday’s drone strike, peace talks with the Taliban were over for the time being. He added that the US strike had shattered the chances for peace. “Why did they have to kill Hakimulllah when there was a chance for peace?” he asked.

The PTI chief appreciated the interior minister for his efforts to give peace a chance and asked the political leadership to get over their differences and take a firm stance to give the US a message. “For this purpose, I’m ready to go to everyone, even to Maulana Fazlur Rehman with whom I have differences,” he added.

Calling it a ‘defining moment’ for the country, Imran admitted that chances of peace looked slim. “If we take a stand today, then there is a chance that we can become a nation,” he added.

“We should unite and tell the US that you have destroyed a chance for peace. We have been condemning drone strikes for nine years. Condemnation will not change anything,” he said.

The PTI chief, however, clarified that he had no intention to go on war against the US. “We are left with only two options: either to stop the Nato supply lines or to go to the UN Security Council.”

Earlier, the interior minister briefed the house about the efforts the government had made since the Sept 9 all parties’ conference (APC) for convincing the TTP for talks.

The situation is even more complicated now, he said. “Our relations with the US are strained on the one hand and the TTP is issuing strong statements on the other.”

The minister said the military had gone an extra mile in supporting the government for peace talks. “To launch a military operation is the easiest thing to do for the government but we have to keep the dialogue process afloat,” he said.

K-P passes resolution

The K-P Assembly on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution demanding the federal government halt Nato supplies by November 20, stating the PTI-led provincial government would otherwise pursue its own course of action independently.

Information Minister Shah Farman tabled the resolution that was unanimously adopted by the house in a session which lasted nearly 20 minutes. The resolution urges the federal government to take concrete steps to put an end to drone strikes.

Punjab Assembly resolution

The PTI also submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly against Friday’s drone attack. The resolution, while condemning the drone strike that attempted to sabotage the peace process, demanded the government block the Nato supply routes and raise the matter in the UN Security Council.

Sindh Assembly resolution

The party also tabled a resolution in the Sindh Assembly, calling drone attacks a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan. “The house condemns these strikes and recommends that the Sindh government approach the federal government and block Nato supplies ,” the resolution reads.

Source: Express Tribune

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