Imran praised for highlighting Kashmir issue in DW interview


Previous top state leader and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has procured far reaching acclaim for featuring the basic liberties infringement in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) regardless of being intruded on a few times by DW’s telecaster Richard Walker.

In a new meeting with German telecaster, the previous chief would not denounce the Russian attack of Ukraine saying Islamabad’s future is attached with Moscow regarding gas, oil, and wheat import.

Notwithstanding, he repeated that he was hostile to war and never upheld military activity to settle any question.

At the point when the previous PM featured Kashmir question and West’s twofold guidelines on it, the anchor hindered him a few times however he kept talking on the issue.

“Shouldn’t something be said about Kashmir… India has usurped the privileges of Kashmiris… Kashmir is a contested domain among Pakistan and India,” he commented while apparently irritated Walker kept on preventing the previous chief from talking. “I first need to continue on and discuss Kashmir… this issue includes us and make a difference to us… what might be said about others not agonizing over our common freedoms. Why we should censure the European issues… try not to set us in a position where we need to favor one side… permit us the privilege to remain impartial,” he commented.

Individuals having a place with different backgrounds including PTI pioneers and columnist piled acclaim on Imran for taking a principled position on the Kashmir question.

“This is the means by which a pioneer who trusts in his country’s power answers to a plan driven Western reporter for DW. No vacillating or protective or crying methodology yet unwavering focus and articulation,” said previous common liberties serve Shireen Mazari on her authority Twitter handle.

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