Importance of Literature in Society


Today, there are so many people who believe that literature is simply not important. Because they have the view that people who are more interested in a scientific study have the bright future in their financial career. And those who are passionate towards literature and other kinds of artistic medium only design their destiny in low paying jobs. Our society thinks that literature is insignificant. However, literature is the only medium that explains our past and gives us the understanding of the world.

”Literature is the expression of society” (Charles Nodier)

It expands our horizons and opens our eyes to see the world with a different perception. We become able to understand the things behind the curtains. It forces us to have a close eye on our surroundings and ask questions. Literature gives us the ability to saw the things critically and look between the lines. Literature is the leap to look into the past that it is not only about the incidents and dates but also the behaviors of the people that how much they are changed now with respect to the 14th or 15th century.

”Society finds actual life in the literature” (Vissarion Belinsky)

When a person reads a book, he is surely able to notice the distinctions of the society and raise the questions. Present age needs more questions rather than answers. Literature depicts our society and gives us a mirror of our age. The need is to acknowledge ourselves.

Literature has a great contribution in our political history. If we take a look at our colonial and postcolonial history of the subcontinent then we may find that several novels, dramas, and other prose style writings draw a close sketch of that time. The downfall of Muslim rule starts with the arrival of British colonies in the subcontinent. “ Twilight in Delhi”’ by Muhammad Ali is the true representation of all the changes occurs in subcontinent due to the arrival of British colonies. Then we found the history of the Indo-Pak separation in several postcolonial pieces of literature.

The purpose of all writings was to indicate the mistakes of the ruling elite and the ignorance of the common people of that time. If a single one commits any mistake it will be conquerable but, if the whole nation did the same mistakes then ready for pay long generations.

Literature tells what are the reasons and mistake of the nations when the other countries start thinking to rule over a nation. The revolutionary leaders like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan and many others also belongs to history and we found them in literature, their quotes, letters, poetry, and books are the great contribution in eastern literature.

Literature is the best gift to left for your coming generations and it is our responsibility to do so for the betterment of our generations to secure their future and help them to understand their present with a flashback of past. It is true to say that literature has the power to awake the nations and give them a broad way to think and a purpose to work. We need to find our truth as being the ‘Tair e Lahooti’’ of Iqbal.

”Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity” (P.T Baranum)

All literature whether, it be poems, essays, or short stories, help us to address human nature and connellites which affects all may be the outcome of fear, doubt, success and failure, the need of friends and family, and the realization of imperfection. we need literature in order to be familiar with our own humanity.

So, we can conclude that we cannot deny the importance of literature. We should encourage the writers to promote literature and also invite the people to read the books. We should take this initiative now to give a strong image of our society in front of the world.

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