Import ban on luxury items lifted


ISLAMABAD: The public authority has expanded sellers’ bonus on the offer of oil based commodities by up to a phenomenal 70 percent and lifted a boycott forced in May on the import of “superfluous and extravagance things”, barring vehicles, mobile phones and gadgets.

The choices were taken on Thursday at a gathering of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the bureau managed by Finance Minister Miftah Ismail.

The board likewise endorsed tenders for 200,000 tons of wheat at about $408 a ton and permitted $11.6 million generosity pay for the Chinese casualities at the Dasu hydropower project in July last year.

The gathering supported an increment of 70pc in the vendors’ bonus on the offer of fast diesel (HSD) to Rs7 per liter from Rs4.13 as of now.

Similarly, it additionally expanded the sellers’ bonus on the offer of petroleum by 43pc to Rs7 rather than Rs4.90 per liter as of now.

This is the steepest expansion in edges permitted in one go in the country. The gathering was educated that vendors’ edge on the offer of HSD and petroleum was likewise expanded by more than 25pc with impact from December 2021. Set up, the commission has bounced 79pc and 112pc on petroleum and HSD from that point forward.

The increment was endorsed in view of an understanding came to with vendors in 2018 by previous state leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik, who held a similar post at that point.

The gathering was informed that vendors had taken steps to picket and requested about Rs14 per liter commission on the two items, however it was carried down to Rs7.

The ECC was informed that oil advertising organizations (OMCs) had requested an expansion in their edges to Rs7 per liter from the current Rs3.68 on the two items yet this would be taken up independently so that advantage was given to sellers with impact from Aug 1 and OMCs on Sept 1 to increment costs in stages.

Import boycott

The ECC additionally lifted the restriction on imported merchandise aside from finished constructed units (CBUs) of vehicles, cell phones and home apparatuses.

The gathering was informed the boycott had helped cut the imports of restricted things, which shrank by around 70pc from $399.4 million to $123.9 million between May 20 and July 19.

The significant supporters of this decrease of about $275m were car and cell phone CBUs, which had a portion of 79pc in the complete import decrease. The leftover 21pc decrease was spread more than 810 duty lines influencing various areas of the economy, including unfamiliar speculations.

The ECC likewise concluded that all held-up transfers (with the exception of things which actually stay in the restricted classification) which showed up at the ports after July 1 ought to be gotten subject to installment free from a 25pc extra charge.

Wheat import

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research presented an outline on earnest counsel connecting with the honor of the fourth International Wheat Tender 2022 opened on July 25.

The delicate was opened on July 25, in which six global providers took part, out of which five offered bid rates. The ECC supported the least offered presented by Falconbridge FZ LLC at the pace of $407.49 per ton CFR mass on a sight-letter-of-credit premise.

The ECC likewise endorsed homegrown gas supply to Fatima Fertilizer’s Sheikhupura plant and Agritech and encouraged the TCP to arrange wheat imports from Russia at lower rates.

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