IDEAS-2016: Arms for Peace


Defense of the realm is one of the most significant components of the success of any country. If you have strong walls then you have nothing to fear from storms. Technology has played an important role by enhancing the capabilities of weapons used by military. IDEAS (The International Defense Exhibition Seminar) is the biggest exhibition in the defense stature held biennially in Pakistan to present their contribution in the field of Defense Technology. Karachi Expo Center was equipped with modern facilities based on international standards creating a market and a world of its own. A modern complex comprising 6 exhibition halls & a foyer with over 18000 square kilometer area. The primary aim is to highlight a wide variety of technologies, ranging from equipment used in the third world countries to the most sophisticated systems from the West. Besides, it also presents an ideal opportunity to the Defense manufacturers for entering into collaboration and joint ventures with Pakistan or other prospective international partners.

IDEAS exhibition began in 2000, and continued biennially since then. IDEAS 2010 was canceled due to the devastating floods that affected 22 million people but after this it continued again on its schedule. The most productive geopolitical region of Asia is one of the largest markets for Defense Products. In a bid, it efficiently meets the new challenge posed by the transformed regional and global security dynamics, Asia as well as the governments of the neighboring continent of Africa allocates significant budgets for modernization and up-gradation programs for their armed forces. The Defense Export promotion organization has played an important role in IDEAS-2016. 338 companies from 38 countries, 85 delegations from 39 countries, 32405 visitors, top class industry speakers including nine countries (Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belarus, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Nigeria, and Romania) are participating in IDEAS 2016 for the first time. IDEAS-2016 got an appraisal not only by our own Military officers, but also by international military representatives.

This is our first time here and we are highly impressed. IDEAS have helped us learn thoroughly about Pakistan’s military materials and production capabilities that came as a surprise to us. Events like these are important to host and attend because being present here sets a vivid image of the country and help us gain a better understanding of Pakistan.

Lt. Gen. Edward Wizniewsky Brazilian Army

IDEAS is a very good platform to meet potential collaborators and customers, giving everyone access to the international market as well as sharing of knowledge and exposure of the capabilities of the Defence industry of Pakistan. IDEAS have helped us reach out to potential customers who were previously unaware of the competency of our products. This is definitely a mutually beneficial platform.

                                                                                                            Air Commodore Iqbal Ahmad

Military Vehicles Research & Development Establishment,

                                         Rawalpindi, Pakistan

It is very interesting to meet with a lot of people and I think the level of delegations is very good. We are hoping that interaction with a variety of people present here will give us a good chance to communicate with people from around the world. The result of cooperation between our company and Pakistan’s Air Force that we supply to, has been top level. Our association with Pakistan’s defence industry helps us believe that they are highly capable of adapting of the latest technology.

                                                                                                                                                          Sergio Cavicchi

 Vice President, Sales Directorate

   MBDA, Missile Systems, Italy

There was huge verity of highly advanced weapons of almost all categories but some have prominently attracted the attention of all the delegates and visitors like:

Skua-LR: Thermal binocular


At IDEAS 2016, Shibli presents the Skua-LR, its thermal binocular. As an advanced and cutting-edge thermal imaging solution, the Skua-LR is specially designed for infantry and Special Forces in reconnaissance and scouting roles regardless of environmental constraints in both day & night scenarios. The device is mountable on a tripod, yet compact and lightweight enough to be a part of any soldier’s standard load-out.

Only three countries are manufacturing this Thermal Binocular and now Pakistan is the fourth country to manufacture this product.



The first unmanned drone invented by Pakistan was “Burraq” and “Arrow” is its advanced form. It is exclusively designed to secure the route of CEPC.

While speaking to media, Raja Sabri, Chief Executive of Integrated Dynamics, said,

“The best civilian application of the long range aerial surveillance aircraft {Arrow} is that it is capable of monitoring and making security trade via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),”

Inflatable tank


It is a standard size tank, but not real and lethal. This is a new weapon in the arsenal called ‘inflatable military decoys’ used for deception purposes just to confuse the enemy.
The inflatable tanks are as old as the tanks themselves. Created as decoys, they served as massive scarecrows against approaching enemy troops, giving retreating forces up to an hour while the enemies deal with the decoy.

They’re still around today in the US and Russian armies, and now in Pakistan

On display are the Al Khalid main battle tank co-developed with China; the JF-17 Thunder multirole aircraft co-developed with China; the indigenous PAC Super Mushshak primary trainer aircraft; Advanced riffles, Military used Garments, Bulletproof Jackets,  fast attack craft missile boats and armored personnel carriers.

IDEAS-2016 has provided an opportunity to Interact directly with the high-profile delegates, procurement experts and buyers from around the globe and secure new industry leads as well as the  changing international security milieu has brought governments and militaries closer together to share their ideas and plans to meet their requirements to maintain regional and global peace. Being the most strategically important event of the region, will once again bring together all the industry players across the globe to display the latest technological innovations. It was a successful event without compromising on any of the security measures, it was ensured that the visiting dignitaries and exhibitors were treated with utmost respect and courtesy.

“Keep your most healthy horses in battlefield”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Sayyam Malik is a student of M.Phil in Information Technology. And have much interest in Defense related matters, he tweets @SAYYAM_MALIK and can be reached at

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