I am Kashmir


Poetry by by Rabea

I have long been born for now

Wary of space and hour

Knitting the shards of existence

Into silence

Around a turbulent self

Roaring and screeching

Ever overreaching

The strongest walls of mortal fancy.

Bind me then!

I refuse to hold

Myself, within me.

I am a claim

Of blood and fire

Fluttering upon ripping outcries

Rolling in the bloodshot angry eyes,

Bellowing poignant from a Himalayan height

Shattering the vacant corridors of might.

I was stripped in the baking sun,

Electrocuted on the dying chinars,

Shoved into cutting water and ice.

Grazed and bruised,

My corpse stirs a pouring eye,

But I, refuse to die.

I am the blood gushing through their veins,

I am the fire of their breath,

I am the hue on bright Summer flowers

I am the shimmer on waters of Vyeth*.

I am the mirrored sun

Glaring in youthful eyes,

I am the bloated moon

A furore in lunatic skies.

I am the charge on drooping autumn breeze

I am the wind around flushed Chinar trees,

I am the wilting hope in a destitute eye

I am the shriek, I am the sigh.

I am the young grass creeping out of snow

I am a soaring spark in the flight of dove,

I am the morning dew on Yemberzal** and fern

I am the empty grave awaiting Shaheed’s return.

I am the abiding testament etched on brewing blood

I am the unsung rebellion, inhumed in alien mud,

I am a crimson note breezing with rural streams

I am the undying horror of ‘their’ nocturnal dreams.

A vision am I

Having stitched my gaze

On a horizon afar

Blind me, until

The light of the dawn

Of Aazadi

Kisses my lids

Exterminates olive antibodies

And illuminates my Firdous***

Till then

I am, I will be

Watering my Bahisht*** with my blood

Since I am


I am Sameer

I am Guru

I am Kashmir…

*Vyeth: Kashmiri name for river Jehlum

**Yemberzal: Kashmiri word for Narcissus (Nargis), a flower that announces the arrival of Spring in Kashmir.

***Bihisht/ Firdous: (Persian) Paradi

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    • I am Kashmir

      The young girls may have abandoned “Pragaash”
      their music will continue to spread “Prakaash”
      in the valley that heard only sounds of bullets
      that came from the troubled borders across.

      The valley is vibrant with Zubin’s symphony
      Kashmiris are back to living in harmony
      Talibaan has been defeated by the Talib-e-ilm
      Their future is bright in a booming economy.

      Shah Faesal tops the coveted IAS,
      Pervez Rasool plays in the elite IPL,
      Asif Ali makes his way to NASA,
      Gen Naik commands the Army of India.

      I am the peaceful Kashmir
      I am the progressing Kashmir
      I am the new gen Kashmir
      I am the proud Indian Kashmir

      *Pragaash was the all girl rock band of kashmir that was abandoned due to fatwa by a local mufti who was later seen enjoying bollywood music.
      *Prakaash and Pragaash both mean Light / Noor
      *Shah Faesal is a Kashmiri who topped the Indian Administrative Services exam
      *Pervez Rasool is a kashmiri who toured Zimbabwe with Indian Cricket team. He plays the elite Indian Premier League
      *Asif Ali, a kashmiri student, B. Tech, doing MS in Space science, hos two projects have been approved by NASA of United States.
      *Major General Mohammad Amin Naik is the first kashmiri muslim to become a General in the Mighty Indian Army.

  1. Kashmir held hostage by a vile beast known as the Hindu army of India.

    The rape of Kashmir.

    You talk about Rape?
    Let me remind you about a nation called
    Women of whole village was raped in front
    of their men. Women, girls, mothers, sisters
    nobody was spared. They resisted but
    torture was the reaction of oppressor. There
    was a woman whose life was ruined by
    electric shocks in her private parts.

    You talk about humanity?
    There was a bride in a village. It was her
    wedding day. Beasts ruined her life. She and
    her aunt was raped by BSF….but wait, they
    are for security….so do not shout, do not
    protest you terrorists.

    You talk about injustice?
    There was a brother who was kept on
    gunpoint by army, and two of his sisters
    were raped in next room…..he said i was
    hearing cries of sisters and laughs of
    beasts…But, it wasn’t “DELHI” though

    You talk about Rights?
    There was a 9th standard girl…all innocent
    and childish, her cloths were torn and kept
    naked for days….yes, by security forces….so
    shhhh…dont say a word

    There was a village where they treated
    females as hurd of animals…..

    There was a mother, a sister who went to
    fields, all happy…. alas they came back on
    four shoulders, fell prey to the lust of

    But bodies were drowned, stressfull
    allegations.. plans by ISI, suicides, probes,
    cross border terrorism, Pakistan

    Hence proved….. Rape is a myth, nothing
    ever happened….

    Damini ( rape victim ) was lucky that world
    went on rampage to share her pain. when
    Aasiya And Nelofar ( rape victims ) of
    Kashmir were raped nobody uttered a word.

    More than 9000 women have been raped in
    Kashmir alone. Corrupt government officials
    and police rapists roam free yet women fear
    for their honor and lives.

  2. Unlike the Hindu cowards posting under Muslim names I am a Kashmiri and no Son of the dirty Ganges has historical, ethnic or moral right to comment.

    Butchers, Rapists, Killers.. History has shown Oppression will not silence the mazloom ( the victims ). India a vile nation, despicable nation a government that is cruel, barbaric and truly the epitome of evil.

    From a Kashmiri

    i am kashmiri, is it
    my crime?…

    “i am a Muslim”
    kill me
    and call it “COLLATERAL DAMAGE”
    imprison me
    and call it “SECURITY MEASURES”
    exile my people and masses
    and call it “NEW MIDDLE EAST”
    rob my resources, invade my land,
    alter my leadership
    and call it “DEMOCRACY”

    i deserve to be humiliated.
    i deserve to be harassed.
    i deserve to be mauled.
    i deserve to be killed.
    just because

    i demand my rights, it is
    my crime?
    i demand my dignity, it is
    my crime?
    i demand life, it is
    my crime?
    i am a KASHMIRI, it is
    my crime?

    But I am proud of committing
    this crime.

  3. According to Pakistani media a woman is raped in Pakistan every 2 hours. here is the website – tribune.com.pk/story/617128/reforming-the-law-on-rape/
    I dont give just rhetoric but evidence. Now please count how many women are raped in Pakistan every day, every week, month and year.
    Pakistani Militants have killed more kashmiri muslims than anyone else.

    Please also highlight the case of Rukhsana Kausar of Kashmir. I am giving you the wiki page please read about her. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rukhsana_Kausar
    You will know what pakistani militants are doing and why they are hated by kashmiris.

    You are giving all bullshit without any fact or evidence. Even if I believe that everyday a woman is raped in Kashmir, just compare her with women in Pakistan where a woman gets raped every 2 hours… Kashmiri women are much more safer.

    • Please read pages 12, 13, 14,15 of the HRW report as you have provided. The militants who are muslims, are also equally responsible for raping kashmiri women but you seem to welcome that because you condemn only rapes by indian hindus and the rest is acceptable to you, it seems.

  4. http://www.womenundersiegeproject.org/blog/entry/the-long-struggle-against-systematic-rape-in-conflict-ridden-kashmir

    This is not Azad Kashmir but protests continue in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

    Quite easy for you Hindus to call me names at least be man enough to use your Hindu names.

    Simple you sons of the Ganges you do not belong in Kashmir by virtue of history, culture, language and ETHNICITY we are Indus Valley people, Dardic like Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis and Pashtuns.

    Secondly put your money where your venomous deceitful mouth is.

    Allow for a fair and FREE plebiscite across Kashmir under a UN auspice as per the UN resolution.

    Rather divert on topics elsewhere focus on this or be quiet. It is not I but you who has a hidden agenda because it is not I but you who lies and your feeble attempts at pertaining to be pragmatic are as transparent and inconsistent as your lies.

    Azad Kashmiris have zero problem with Pakistan and happy to vote under a free and fair referendum under a UN auspice we just need the occupying Indians to deliver this right to MY Kashmiri brethren living under a brutal occupation.

    The onus is on you Hindu not me, we are ready to par take in this referendum.

    • If Indian army was doing even 1% of atrocities as done by Pak Army in Bangladesh before 1971, Kashmir would have become independent like Bangladesh but there is no proof in your allegations except rhetoric and motivated talks. Your own Najam Sethi visited Kashmir and reported to Musharraf that Kashmiris dont want to be part of Pakistan. Most intelligence agencies of various countries have found out the reality of kashmir and hence no one supports what a miniscule number of people in kashmir are demanding. Today no country supports plebiscite in Kashmir. Its not Pakistan, not even Kashmiris who asked for plebiscite from UN but it was India that asked for it. And since Pakistan did not oblige, India cant give assurance for such thing forever. Today, talk of plebiscite is irrelevant and the UN and the world know about it. The only solution to Kashmir issue is that Pakistan should leave PoK and it should join India but if its inhabited and infested by people like you who use such filthy language that brings shame to one’s parents for bringing you up in such horrible manners, India wont welcome such people. You are definitely not a kashmiri as kashmiris are very cultured, polite and well mannered people unlike you. You sound more like an illiterate punjabi pakistani. There is no point discussing with people like you. In India its said that when a leper loses argument, he will spit at you. You sound more like that losing Leper.
      I am sorry for my language but you deserve to be told this.

  5. in pakistan muslim population is 30% of indian muslims population.We are happy with indian administration .Pakistan to stop terrorist activity in india.Wait for some years pakistan divide into 3 nations balucistan, sindh and pakistan and pok will fight to merge with india. Alansaralhaq you not get any entry to enter pok just watch the site and give false comments without knowing anything.Use mind before writing anything.

  6. Kashmiris like ALL pakistanis are well mannered but we have zero patience for Hindu occupation.

    I am Azad Kashmiri and not Punjabi but please stop trying to peddling the propaganda against Punjabis to divide Pashtuns, Sindhis, Balochis from Punjabis.

    60% of Punjabis have Kashmiri Heritage most are the childrend of Kashmiris who escaped Hindu Dogra occupation.

    I am not Punjabi and nor do I have any issue with Punjabis nor does anyone in Azad Kashmiri our problem is but one people Hindu Indians occupying Kashmir.

    You have no place sons of Ganges, remember Punjabis are the Indus people but YOU ARE NOT!!

    • Its not me but you, who have been talking of racism and sectarianism. You know that such thinking has cost Pkistan a shameful division as people like you kept hating lower ganges people. You would know that there are kashmiris who are hindus. their mother tongue is kashmiri, they are fair skin but they are not muslims. Why should they be thrown out of their motherland? If kashmir was under hindu occupation, it would have become a hindu majority by now like in Uighur muslims are reducing to minority and in Tibet, tibetans have already reduced to minority.

      If you talk of kashmiriyat then remember there is a place for kashmiri hindus also in kashmiriyat. If you talk of islam then remember, islam talks of brotherhood and there is no difference between a muslim from indus valley or from gangetic basin. there is no difference between a white skinned muslim and a black skinned muslim.

      Even the worst of the enemies when they talk, they maintain a decorum irrespective of how much they hate each other. Using dirty filthy language is sign of zehalat, ignorance and poor upbringing. Indians give full respect to even deadbodies of the enemy soldiers, we dont mutilate their bodies or cut their heads in disrespect. Insaniyat ka yahi takaza hai.

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