The Hypocrisy of the Indian Government and Global Silence


India, Global, Silence,Here is one of the several questionable incidents, which shows how India is toying with the stability of this region. Right after Modi took over the reins of the government, the first gift that we received from his side was the violation of LoC. Although, the Indian army has a history of blessing Pakistan with such kind of surprises, however, this time the target of attacks was not the Pakistani army but the unarmed civilians. This was followed by the blame game from the Indian media who is in a bad habit of mourning. Since the Indian government was more interested in pointing fingers and less interested in dialogue to resolve the issue, Pakistani officials were forced to write a letter addressed to Ban ki-Moon – Secretary General of the UN. In the letter they urged the United Nations to take heed of the Indian aggression across the LoC and Working Boundary, and to put an end to the blame game. Later on, the Indian military restricted the United Nations observers to perform their duty on the Indian side of the Line of Control. It is most absurd that on the one hand, they accused Pakistan of aggression, whilst they themselves disallowed the United Nations observers to do their job.

Months have passed, but Indian aggression on LOC still continues. If Indians are neither interested in dialogues nor letting the United Nations solve the problem, who would be responsible if these mini wars become a reason of another great war between the two nations? Will the two nations be able to bear the brunt of such events?

Every now and then, the Indian government bombards Pakistan with outrageous allegations. Despite being liable of the worst kind of human rights infringements in Kashmir, LoC violations, supporting of terrorism in India, sponsoring terrorists for launching attacks on foreign soil and suppressing movements of independence, India always seems to find a reason to blame Pakistan for one thing or another.

No matter how hard they try to malign Pakistan, the way India is adding fuel to the fire of conflict is apparent to the whole world. Everybody knows the story behind the attack on the Indian parliament that was followed by POTA (Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act) and Mumbai Attack that was followed by an amendment to the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act). Even if India closes its eyes, it cannot change the reality that by spending 14 billion dollars on nurturing terrorists on Afghan soil to launch a proxy war against Pakistan, India compelled Pakistan to wage war on its own soil. The role of Indian agencies in strengthening the roots of BLA/BRA terrorists in Baluchistan is also not hidden from anyone. This Indian sponsored terrorism is a serious threat for not only Pakistan but also Afghanistan. Despite the presence of solid proofs of Indian involvement in sponsoring terrorism, the international community is silent for unknown reasons. What if all countries start supporting terrorists for meeting their goals like India? For better or worse, this silence is more harmful for the peace of the world and less beneficial for the personal agendas of countries.

Even if the Afghan war come to an end, the region will still continue to suffer its aftermath. By conducting operations like Zarb-e-Azb, Pakistan has proved that it is sincere with the cause of eradicating terrorism from the country. The international community is also appreciating our efforts for the stability of the region. Moreover, positive signs from the side of Afghan and US government show the strengthening of our relations with the two countries. Considering the stability of Afghanistan as a determinant of the stability of Pakistan and vice versa, both Afghanistan and Pakistan aim to work together. Under such circumstances, by supporting terrorists India is creating problems for the whole region. The question is: When there exists plenty of evidence against India, why the international community fails to even condemn its notorious role?


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    As said before Pakistan’s problems are all “manufactured” and systematic of this last decade and will continue for another decade no doubt BUT India’s problems are inherent because of a benign Hindu Right Wing taught history and strategic imperial Hindu agenda.

    India is the boy who cries wolf… foll people some of the time but you can not fool all the time however cunning the Banya “historically” is.

    The truth stands firm on its own.

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