Hyderabad records hottest day since 1932


HYDERABAD: Hyderabad faced the hottest day yesterday with the mercury rising to 49˚C, the highest in 84 years of the city’s history, weather official said.

According to the Meteorological Department, 49˚C was recorded on Wednesday. The temperature had touched 49.5˚C in 1932.

Although Hyderabad saw a record temperature, the district was not an exception in Sindh, as mercury soared to 52˚C in Larkana, 51˚C in Dadu, Sukkur and Naushero Feroz, 49˚C in Tharparkar and 48˚C in Nawabshah.


The highest temperature, 52˚C, was recorded in Larkana, according to the meteorological department’s Wednesday weather report.

No heatwave-related death was reported during the day but hospitals saw a rise in heatstroke cases

Prolonged load-shedding was reported from all 12 districts under Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (Heco). There were also protests in several localities. According to a Hesco spokesperson, the demand rose to 966 megawatts on Tuesday night but they received only 620MW from the national grid.

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