Hurriyat protests ban on key Ramazan prayers in occupied Kashmir


NEW DELHI: Kashmir’s All Parties Hurriyat Conference on Thursday engaged the Indian government to allow Muslim admirers to offer the significant last Friday petitions of Ramazan — Jummat ul Vida — at Srinagar’s focal Jama Masjid according to custom, yet there was no indication of New Delhi yielding.

India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s watch has gone under extreme analysis for maltreatment of its strict minorities, which incorporates blame of its treatment of Kashmiri Muslims. Common and majority rule entryways in the US have encouraged US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to acknowledge the report of the supposed abuse of Muslims documented in the yearly report of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The report for 2022 on strict opportunities and common liberties the world over was delivered on Monday.

“Given the deteriorating basic liberties and strict opportunity circumstance for minorities and the Modi government’s absence of activities, it is vital that USCIRF’s suggestion to incorporate India to be a “Nation of Particular Concern” (CPC) be acknowledged by Sec. of State Blinken,” American Muslim Institution said in an allure.

The gathering said it acclaimed the choice of USCIRF to assign India as a CPC country, considering that “strict opportunity conditions in India essentially deteriorated in 2021.” It said foundational terrorizing and brutality has moved from this present reality and has significantly expanded online by “both authority and non-state actors…to spread disdain and deception.”

Besides, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)- drove “government, pioneers encouraged Hindu-patriot bunches have supported, organized, and upheld partisan approaches trying to lay out India as an obviously Hindu state, in opposition to India’s common establishment and at grave risk to India’s strict minorities.”

In Srinagar, APHC administrator Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, reproved the rehashed conclusion of Srinagar’s focal Jama Masjid by the Indian government.

“Not permitting congregational petitions on the event of Jumatul Vida at the focal Jama mosque of the valley, which is swarmed by lakhs of valley Muslims on this favored day — while offering supplications at Jama Masjid has more prominent endowments for the namazis, is absurd, and against the essential common freedom to strict practice.”

The Mirwaiz said in an explanation that similar remains constant for banishing individuals from asking at Jama Masjid on the blessed event of Lailatul Qadr. APHC said that such orders against Muslims and brochures being given by experts in valley school asking the staff individuals not to wear hijab, “where Islam is the religion of by far most is profoundly upsetting, making incredible tension and hurt individuals and further extending the contention.”

The assertion said Mirwaiz requested that the specialists deny the restriction on petitions and permit Muslims across the valley admittance to focal Jama Masjid on these vital and sacred long periods of Ramzan.”

That’s what APHC said, individuals as before, will notice Jumatul Vida as ‘Youm e Quds’ and Youm e Kashmir’ to stretch “the critical requirement for a quiet goal of the waiting Palestinian issue and the Kashmir struggle and the living souls they consume.”

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