Hunting allowed across province sans Cholistan


BAHAWALPUR: The Punjab government has allowed the hunting of the drake bird for five months whereas hunting is still banned in Cholistan which is a breeding ground for many endangered species.

The government has lifted the ban on the hunting of drake birdthroughout the province for five months and during these five months from October 1 till March 31 hunting of drake duck will be allowed. Despite the lifting of the ban on drake duck’s hunting, the game will not be allowed in Cholistan as it was a protected area and hosts many other migratory birds along with the endangered local species.

Wildlife Bahawalpur Region Deputy Director Anwar Amaan said drake duck was a migratory bird along with some local species. He said as the ban on hunting drake was lifted and only licensed hunters would be allowed to hunt the bird. Under Wildlife Act any kind of hunting activity in Cholistan area is banned.

Muhammad Ahmad, a resident of Bahawalpur, told The Express Tribune that they were eagerly looking forward to fulfill his hobby of hunting as soon as he heard about the lifting of the ban but he was really disappointed when he learnt that Cholistan was out of bound for any kind of hunting.

Another resident Arslan Rasheed said restriction on hunting in Cholistan was just rubbish.

“When princes from the UAE come for hunting there is no law stopping them from hunting in Cholistan and such laws are only made and enforced on the ordinary people,” he remarked.





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