Hundreds in Spain come out to support Kashmiri freedom struggle


Hundreds showed up to openly endorse Kashmiris’ more right than wrong to self-assurance in Spain’s Barcelona on Saturday

“The essential motivation behind why basic liberties infringement are going on in Indian Illegally involved Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK) is a result of disavowal of UN-truly right to self-assurance to them,” said British legislator Afzal Khan addressing an exhibition held in Barcelona to check “Kashmir Exploitation Day” considering India’s unlawful and one-sided moves made on August 5, 2019.

“Furthermore, who is an obstacle in carrying out the UN goals Kashmir,” he inquired. “Just a single nation and that is India.”

Many Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora individuals and their partners accumulated in Barcelona on the call of Tehreek-e-Kashmir Spain to show against hawkish Indian activities pointed toward deleting Kashmiri character.

Khan, who has been a boss of protecting common liberties in Kashmir both in and beyond the British parliament, said: “right now is an ideal opportunity that European common society comes down on their states to mediate and assist specialist harmony in the district and that beginnings with maintaining UN goals.”

Fahim Kayani, leader of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, while saying thanks to the hosts for coordinating a significant occasion concerning Kashmir, said this exhibition of help for Kashmir shows the Europeans are awakening to the truth that India is a joke a vote based system.

“It involves alleviation for individuals in IIOJK that their voice is being heard,” Kayani said.

He added that such advancement is the result of untiring endeavors of Kashmiri diaspora gatherings.

“These endeavors will yield results. The subsequent stage for Kashmiri diaspora bunches is to fashion solidarity of direction and activity,” he said.

The Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK pioneer said such solidarity will “concrete our endeavors for the sacrosanct reason for opportunity of Kashmir.”

Kayani said the European countries “will never again be deceived by Indian publicity as Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora have had the option to assemble their endeavors which has stirred Europeans that there can’t be twofold principles on common freedoms,” he added.

Kayani said it has moreover “sent areas of strength for a to individuals in IIoJK.”

Turgay Evren, Turkish lyricist and arranger known for his noteworthy tunes on the Kashmir opportunity development, let the exhibit know that individuals of awareness actually live on the outer layer of the earth.

“Tragically simple business and geo-political interests have made strong countries idiotic on Kashmir,” Evren said, adding: “Yet individuals of cognizant still live in this world and the greatest power in any nation is it’s kin and Kashmiris must contact these ordinary citizens who thus will compress their states to stand firm on Kashmir,” he added.

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