How Kashmir Celebrates the Indian Independence Day


And for a common Kashmiri, if such a day would never come, it would be a blessing in disguise. From their childhood till this date, the people of Kashmir never wished it to be celebrated on their land, not specifically due to any personal hatred towards the Indian ‘Independence Day’, but for the reason that they don’t want their fellow countrymen to get harassed at the hands of occupational forces. They don’t want the common people to be frisked, body searched, tortured, arrested and put behind bars so that a democratic country can celebrate its Independence Day on an occupied land. They don’t want their children to get caught in concertina wires laid by occupational forces, while playing. And the people of Kashmir don’t want to get a beating for not fixing an Indian flag on their vehicle, which has unfortunately become the rule of the land, as Indian forces torture all car owners they find, for not fixing Indian flags on vehicles.

The Kashmiris don’t want any random search operation, night raids and curfews with the advent of dusk. India is proud to be a democratic and secular country, but it never tries to value the human rights of others. With the help of a handful of people, the whole of Kashmir is a cage.

The common Kashmiri celebrates this day as a Black Day though the trends have changed. In the 1990s, there were militant strikes on this day, but now the new generation vehemently uses social networking websites to mark it as a Black Day, thereby reminding the world that Kashmir is a disputed region forcibly occupied by India and needs a peaceful solution. We wish India a happy Independence Day, but not on the cost of snatching the freedom of others; and not on illegally occupying the territory of Kashmir.

Remember! Until you are an Occupying Force on the surface of Kashmir, the Indian Independence Day will be celebrated merely as a Black Day in Kashmir.



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  1. … might want to rephrase. It’s only the moronic muslims in Kashmir who are sour pusses.

    Hindu majority Jammu rejoices, just like Buddhist majority Laddakh.

    Also – the Kashmiri Pundits that were able to escape from the muslim terrorists – who, by the way, are in refugee camps. Well, they also celebrate.

    So – if a few people want to cry, and throw stones – they can either go eff off, or apply for asylum to Pakistan and get out. No loss

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