How can nail polish damage your health?


As manicures are a special treat for some and a weekly grooming routine for others, women usually visit nail salons to have their nails painted perfectly.

But they cannot even imagine how can these nail color affect their health.

According to the reports which appeared in the Daily Mail, the chemicals in nail care products contain toxic chemicals that can cause serious effects to our health.

Daily Mail quoted Dr Thu Quach, of Stanford University and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, saying exposure to these chemicals can lead to issues ranging from cancer to fertility problems.

Nail care products contain, in varying amounts, many toxic and potentially hazardous ingredients.

Compounds in Nail polish lead to cancer and reproductive problems:

Chemical ingredients in the nail colours disrupt hormones that can lead to cancer.

According to the reports which appeared in the Daily Mail, a toxic trio made of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, are chemicals found in nail polish that can cause serious health impacts.

Toluene is a commonly used solvent which can affect the central nervous system and cause reproductive harm. Whereas Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is used as a nail-hardening agent and disinfectant for nail care tools.

Dibutyl phthalate has been linked to reproductive problems.

Other affects of Nail colour’s chemicals on human body:

Harmful chemicals in nail care products can result in a number of health effects, ranging from skin irritations, eye injuries and allergic reactions.

They also have thinking and memory problems, neurological symptoms, nausea, respiratory problems, cancer and uncontrollable muscle contractions to impaired reproductive and development processes.

Daily Mail quoted a Research conducted at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, which revealed the harmul side effects of nail colours. These include headaches, breathing problems and skin irritations.

Health effects on salon workers:

Nail salon workers pay a huge price in the form of their health.

Lacking of adequate ventilation in salons causes chemical evaporation from nail products trapped inside that can lead to directly damaging the nails.

First they experience direct contact with the chemicals in the products, and then they continuously breathe in these chemicals in the poorly ventilated salons.

Daily Mail further quoted a study which revealed that working in salons is linked to reproductive health problems, including spontaneous birth, preterm delivery and undersized babies as well as pregnancy complications.




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