Hotels, Wedding Halls and Offices on Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi to Remain Closed During PSL Final


The preparations for the Pakistan Super League 2018 Final to be held in Karachi have already begun. The authorities have released a detailed security plan to ensure that the final is held smoothly.

The Bahadurabad Police Station has released a security notification for March 25, 2018. According to the notification all hotels, wedding halls and offices on Shahrah-e-Faisal will remain closed for 24 hours on match day.

Security Plan

As per the notification, hotels, wedding halls and offices will be closed at 6 am on 25th March and will be allowed to reopen the next day at 6 am i.e. 26th March.


Players will arrive at the Jinnah International Airport to play the final in Karachi. The Airport Security Force will be in charge of securing the surroundings of the airport and perform random checking to ensure foolproof security.

Players will travel to the stadium and hotels in bulletproof buses and an SSP will supervise each area in the city. A communications desk will also be in place to facilitate players who are outside the stadium’s guest rooms.


On match day, police will patrol all routes leading to the National Stadium, Karachi as well as inside it, hoping to keep clear all designated sensitive areas. Furthermore, no cars will be allowed to park or move with the surrounding areas of the stadium.

If everything goes well, Karachi will see a return of proper cricket for the first time since 2009, almost a decade later ever since the ill-fated attacks on Sri Lankan international cricketers in Lahore.


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