The Horizons of Pakistan by Nasr Rahman


The Horizons of Pakistan, a project of Nasr Rahman in association withNasr Nusair Films is a wonderful journey which is telling a different story about Pakistan. About a week ago, I stumbled upon a sponsored video which had amazing scenery, mountainous beauties and mesmerizing lakes. It didn’t take me long to realize that it is my beloved Pakistan, being exhibited in a unique fashion.

Well it attracts me, the polished cinematography coupled with the land of Pakistan. They chose to beautify our Northern Areas as a first take. WOW! I’m telling you, you have to check these guys out.

Alright so back to some elaboration, the title of the video is The Horizons of Pakistan – Baltistan Part 1 and it starts with a Prologue, I extracted out an excerpt from it, have a look:


Pakistan is the land of wonders, where there are cultures rich in heritage; civilizations, hundreds and hundreds of years old. Where the rivers flow by the golden banks of deserts in the vallies of Karakoram, Himalayas & Hindukush. The land of beautiful lakes, the yellows and reds of autumns, the glamours of blossoms, the largest plateaus and mountains of the world, the longest glaciers outside the poles and the list is neverending!

For a second, I thought one of the writers of TSK wrote that, no seriously how beautiful is that Word-Painting? The whole theme is on Autumn in the land of Baltistan, so you can actually imagine a vivid scenery of orange, red and all wonderful colors of Autumn.

Nasr Rahman on his signature Facebook page mentioned that the sole purpose of making this presentation is to promote and bring back tourism back in Pakistan. The quote goes on like:

Nasr Rahman Photography in association with NasrNusair Films presents THE HORIZONS OF PAKISTAN – PART 1. The sole purpose of making this presentation is to promote and bring tourism back in Pakistan.

We have always felt indebted to our country and had a dream to do something for it. Therefore, we got a chance to go North in the season of Autumn and compiled it for you to cherish.

The presentation goes on to show the Babusar Top and the road which leads to Baltistan, now the most amazing part is when Lower Kachura Lake in Shangrila is shown, I never knew it looks like a heart. The video, overall exhibits the whole land of Baltistan and that in detail.

My Favorite Part:

Why do I feel like Dora the Explorer? Anyway, my favorite part is the title. Firstly, it’s about Pakistan and Secondly, by the looks of it, I see PART 1written there, so it’s definitely not the last one in store.

Where Do I Watch It?

Here on this blog, my friend. Thank me later:

Who wants to go on a trip, now?







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