Honda Atlas, Indus Motors, Yamaha hike prices


Prices for Honda Atlas Cars went up all over the place, with some models seeing increases of up to Rs550,000. The company blamed fluctuating currency rates and rising material costs for the price increase.

Due to the uncertain economic conditions, inflation in material costs, and currency volatility, the company informed its dealers that it was forced to pass on some of the negative effects through price increases. On January 23, 2023, prices will begin to apply.

The City models went up in price by Rs300,000, reaching Rs330,000, from the automaker. The basic City MT 1.2L now costs Rs4.069 million, up from Rs3.769 million.

The premium for the Aspire MT 1.5L went up from Rs4.139 million to Rs4.449 million.

The price of the BR-V CVT S was raised by Rs360,000 to Rs5.299 million by the company. HR-V models also went up in price by Rs400,000. The HR-V VTI and HR-V VTI S models have respective prices of Rs6.399 million and Rs6.599 million.

Models of the Civic now cost anywhere from Rs500,000 to Rs550,000 more. The price of the Civic RS 1.5L LL CVT went up from Rs7.549 million to Rs8.099 million. At Indus Motor Company, car prices have gone up across the board.

At Yamaha Motor Pakistan, the cost of a bike has gone up by as much as Rs13,500.

Indus Motor Company raised overall rates on January 13 by between Rs280,000 and Rs1,210,000. According to a notification sent to dealers, the price increase is the result of rising costs for overhead and utilities.

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