Homage to those who lived in ice, fought in ice and got killed by ice


Standing on ice must have made their feet numb. Chilling winds would’ve made their sleep difficult. Standing at a height of 22000 feet had increased their blood pressure and tightened the respiratory track. Due to extreme weather conditions they might have developed body rash everywhere. Being posted at the highest battle ground in the world must have required extra hard work. But now, those gallant men of 6th Northern Light Infantry battalion lie peacefully in their graves and some still under the ice.

Exact three years ago, today at 5 in the morning when some of these soldiers were busy with their routine duties, some might have been at the greatest depth of their slumber and some offering their morning prayers , a mighty flood of snow hit the Gayari Base of Pakistan Army  taking the lives of all those daunting soldiers stationed there.

This is not just a tribute to the best men of our country but also to those mothers who used to pray and wait for their children, to those fathers who took great pride in their sons, to those wives who ran their houses and brought up their children, to those siblings who loved these men at arms and to those children who boasted about their fathers.

We people, in the comfort of our houses cannot even imagine the hardships through which these men used to go at dangerous heights to maintain our comfort. We can’t even feel the agony and pain of their relatives who sent these men to guard our borders with such a heavy heart. Courage is required, all do not posses it.

Let’s remember the pain of these soldiers while performing their duties, struggling under the debris, freezing to death and suffocating to death. Let’s feel the pain of not able to see their loved ones before the death, the terror of death and the turmoil through which they went during their last minutes.

Today, at their death anniversary let’s take out two minutes out of our busy schedule and pray for the martyrs of Gayari. Salam to Tanvir Ul Hassan (Lt Col), Zaka Ul Haq (Maj), Haleem Ullah Jan (Capt Dr), Khurshid Ahmed (N/Sub), Iftikhar Ali (N/Sub/Clk), Abdul Malik (N/Sub), Didar Karim (N/Sub),  Sher Nayab Khan (Hav/Clk), Ghulam Muhammad (Hav), Hafeez Shah Nawaz (Hav), Muhammad Rustam Butt (Hav), Zakir Hussain (Hav), Muhammad Gul Faraz (Hav), Shafayat Ali (Hav), Muhammad Ishaq (Hav/Clk), Shad Hussain (Hav),  Musadiq Hussain Butt (Hav), Rahbar Hussain (Hav), Tanveer Hussain (Hav), Ghulam Qadir (L/Hav), Ghulam Mustafa (L/Hav), Muhammad Ashraf (NK),  Muhammad Naseem (NK), Ghulam Mehdi (NK/Clk), Sartaj Alam (NK), Ghulam Ali (NK/Clk), Muhammad Riaz (Lnk), Abdul Jabbar (Lnk), Muhammad Arshad (Lnk), Sharafat Din (Lnk), Ghulam Mustafa (Lnk), Muhammad Naseem ( UP/Lnk), Himayat Hussain (Lnk), Nadeem Khan (Lnk),  Altaf Hussain (UP/Lnk), Abdul Irfan (Lnk), Mir Hussain (Lnk), Sami Ullah (Lnk), Gl Madat Shah (Lnk), Jamil Akhtar (sep), Ali Zar (Sep), Muhammad Ali (Sep), Muhammad Khan (Sep), Muhammad Akbar (Sep), Ghulam Hussain (Sep), Muhammad qbal (Sep), Muhammad Hussain (Sep), Zakir Hussain (UP/Lnk), Ali Muhammad (Sep), Akhtar Hussain (Sep), Ghulam Mehdi (Sep), Fida Hussain (Sep), Asrar Ahmed (Sep), Muhammad Shamim (Sep), Muhammad Waseem (Sep), Ranzaib alam (Sep), Malik Riaz Kashif (Sep), Sakhi Zaman (Sep), Sultan Mehmood (Sep), Muhammad Zulqamain( Sep), Muhammad Arshad Khan (Sep), Muhammad Javed (Sep), Syed Sajjad Kazmi(Sep) Muhammad Nadeem (Sep), Muhammad Sajjid (Sep), Khwaja Mumtaz Ahmed (Sep), Fazal Abbas (Sep), Rashid Hussain (Sep), Fayyaz Ahmed (Sep), Dildar Hussain (Sep), Muhammad Ali (Sep), Irfan Khalil (Sep), Abdul Karim (Sep/Clk),  Ilyas Ali (Sep), Muhammad Riaz (Sep/Clk), Muhammad Saleem (Sep), Rehmat Wali( Sep), Gulab Shah (Sep), Muhammad Abid Naveed (Sep), Nafas Ali Shah (Sep), Aksar Zaman (Sep), Sooba Khan (Sep), Javed Ali (Sep), Fida Ali (Sep), Nisar Hussain (Sep), Sarfaraz Abdullah (Sep), Ghazi Shah (Sep), Muhammad Sadiq (Sep), Muhammad Ishaq (Sep), Zakir Hussain (Sep), Nasir Ali (Sep), Shamsher Khan (Sep), Ehsan Ullah (Sep), Siraj Ud Din (Sep), Ghulam Rasool (Sep), Muhammad Amin (Sep), Muhammad Shoaib (Sep/Clk), Ashraf Hussain ((Sep/Clk), Muhammad Hussain Sep), Sana Ullah (Sep), Najeeb Ullah (Sep), Hamid Ullah (Sep), Muhammad Ashaq (Sep), Qurban Ali (Sep), Muhammad Nadir Khan (Sep), Imtiaz Ali (Sep), Arif Hussain (Sep), Juma kHan (Sep), Ghulam Mehdi (Lnk/Ck (U) ), Fida Hussain (Sep/CK), Raja Suraj Ud Din (Sep/Ck), Muhammad Ali (Sep/Ck (U) ), Mukhtar Ali (Sep/Ck), Zaheer Ali (Sep/Ck (M) ), Abdul Jalil Butt (Civ Mess Waiter), Abdul Hameed Mughal (Cook), Ali (Swpr), Muhammad Shakeel (Swpr), Naveed Masih (Swpr), Moon Gul (Swpr), Asif Masih (Swpr), Ghulam Rasool (NCB), Gul Daraz (Hav FF), Mudassar Iqbal (NK/ENGR), Ansar Mehmood (NK/VM, EME), Aftab Ahmed (NK/VM EME), Adil Masih ( Cfn/ Elec, EME), Muzammal Hussain (Sep/ Elec, EME), Muhammad Zaman (Sep/NA, AMC), Ghulam Haider (lnk Sig Tech), Jafar Hussain (Sep/ Sig/Man (OP) ), Mehtab Alam (Sep/ Sig), Shabbir Hussain (Tlr), Nasrullah (Barbar), Muhammad Abdullah (Barbar), Abdul Waheed Khan (Canteen Contractor), Muhammad Azeem (Canteen worker), Noor Shah Ali (Dhobi), Sarfaraz Shah (Dhobi), Muhammad Wali (Dhobi).


Zahabia is an aspiring journalist pursuing a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Karachi. She tweets @zkmotorwala and can be reached at zahabiakhuzema@gmail.com

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