Hizb chief owns Shoidah-i-Brigade, says can strike anywhere in India


Hizb chief owns Shoidah-i-Brigade, says can strike anywhere in India

United Jehad Council chief Syed Salahudin Monday confirmed that ‘Shoidah-i-Brigade, the militant outfit responsible for Kathua twin attack is the brain child of Hizbul Mujahideen and this organization will continue to strike in different parts of Jammu region.

In an interview with Srinagar based news agency, Salahudin said that different youth from Jammu region including Kishtwar, Ramban, Rajouri, Poonch, Banihal and other parts are joining their newly established militant outfit ‘Shoidah-i-Brigade’ and it will continue to target security establishments in Jammu region. He said that the outfit was formed soon after the Gool incident in which innocent Muslim youth were killed by Indian Security personnel

“We are capable of striking anywhere in India and we believe that armed struggle is inevitable in the present context of Kashmir Freedom struggle. India has never responded to the peaceful movement that Kashmiri people launched from time to time and it is our firm belief that Gun is the only way to dislodge Indian Army from the state of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said adding Shoidah-i-Brigade is expanding its base in Rajouri, Poonch and Banihal.

He maintained that with regard to Kashmir issue, there is no difference between National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and United Progressive Alliance (UPA). “Whether it is Congress or BJP, Janta Dal or CPI(M), all parties pursue same policy with regard to Kashmir. To expect any positive results from NDA government or from Narendara Modi will be disastrous.  We must understand that all the Indian parties are anti-Kashmir particularly Narendra Modi who is the killer of innocent Muslims,” he said.

Syed Salahudin claimed that Kashmir issue was never discussed in any Indo-Pak ministerial level talks. “I am telling you with authority that Kashmir was never the subject during any Ministerial level talks between India and Pakistan as India always showed half-hearted willingness to discuss this vital issue and instead discussed the issues related to Siachen and Sir Creek,” he said adding that Pakistan continued to hold dialogue with India with a hope that it will one day agree to talk on Kashmir issue.

“These are talks only for the purpose of talks or to just keep the stakeholders engaged. It has brought no result in the past nor will it do so in the future. During the past six decades, hundreds of such exercises have been undertaken. But what is the result? The issue has to be resolved in a realistic way. India and Pakistan both have to agree that Kashmiris are the principle party to the dispute. Till they carry on bilateral dialogue, there will be no result just like it has happened in the past. There will be no breakthrough,” he said adding that Mirwaiz Umar Farooq after various interactions and photo sessions with Indian leadership himself admitted that it is meaningless to hold dialogue with the Government of India.

Salahuddin advised the Government of Pakistan not to repeat the mistake of putting Kashmir on the back burner and try to foster friendship with New Delhi through trade, cultural exchanges and tourism.

Responding to a query, Syed Salahudin said that he does not want to expose the ‘black-sheep’ present in different separatist organizations. “I am striving for unity amoung different separatist organizations and in this regard we are putting our efforts to make the plan successful. At this stage, it is not convenient to expose the black sheep that work for different Indian agencies. I appeal to different separatist organizations to show door to those elements who despite being their members work for the Indian agencies,” he said adding that an insider in the garb of a friend always prove more dangerous than an outsider who is a known foe.

“Geelani, Mirwaiz, Shabir Shah Yasin Malik and others pitch for election boycott but it would be convenient and fruitful for the ongoing freedom struggle if they all would appeal for election boycott using the same stage. No doubt, all these leaders are doing a marvelous job but it is unfortunate despite having the same cause, they use the different stages,” he said adding that time has come that Hurriyat leaders reach out to the people with united hand.

Salahudin alleged that whatever development takes place in Kashmir Valley is not meant for people but for Indian Army. “Zojila Tunnel will be constructed for the benefit of the Army as it will make their movement easy and same is the case with railway track that is going to be laid from Northern Headquarters to Uri,” he said adding that India is exploiting the resources in its own interest.

While replying to a question, Salahudin said that Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai is life-long friend of Syed Ali Geelani who could prove better successor of Geelani. “We pray for the better health of Geelani and pray to Almighty he leads the ongoing movement till it gets concluded. But in my opinion, if need arises, Seharai can prove a good successor of Geelani and he can deliver the goods,” he said adding that only the Shura has authority to elect the successor of Geelani.

Responding to a query Hizb Chief said that those who cast votes and support pro-India parties would certainly face wrath either from God or from any other source.

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  1. He is talking of striking at any place in India. The question is will Pakistan allow to carry out any attack on India emanating from its soil???
    Pakistan is still being selective on terrorism and then wonder why the world does not trust her.

  2. Another example of Pakis not bothering to arrest terrorists. They can simply not be trusted. But it’s OK. That bearded peadophile is just another dog who will rot in hell one day.

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