Himalaya’s fall after Nepals earthquake


WEB DESK: Scientist said that, “The height of the Himalayas has descended by one metre as a result of Nepal earthquake”.

According to them, the equilibrium will rarely be maintained due to the tectonic plates activity and they still have to see the pictures in which Himalayan Peak is situated.

There is a debate going on about the exact height of Everest.

Richard Briggs, a research geologist with the United States Geological Survey said that, “The Primary stretch that had its height dropped in a 80-100 kilometers of the Langtang Himal”

Many locals and trekkers are still missing in Langtang region after the avalances and landslides, when an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes hit Nepal.

The image taken by satellite, focused on the central Nepal, which was most affected by the quake, Mount Everest is located to the east of this region.

More research will be carried out by ground surveys and GPS or an airborne mission to measure the fall in the height of world’s highest peak

Scientist with DLR’s Earth Observation Centre compared two images of the same region sent by the satellite before and after the quake. The images sowed the area of the mountain range had dropped by 0.7 meters – 1.5 meters.

The research also discovered that the areas including Kathmandu, which is to the south of the Himalayan Mountains, have seen ascension by quake.

Before and after images shows that some areas are now nearer to the satellite, meaning that there is an uplift in the height.

Experts said that the Himalayas are on the rise because of the collision course between the tectonic plates of Indian and Eurasian region but in the results of major catastrophic earth quakes the process get reversed.

Authorities in Nepal say they are yet to assess the effects of the earthquake on the Himalayas as they are still engaged with rescue and rehabilitation after the decimating earthquake.


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