High-level talks fail amid outrage over hospital attack in Ukraine


KYIV: Russia and Ukraine failed to make a advance on Thursday in their first top- position addresses since Moscow’s irruption two weeks agone, amid transnational outrage over the bombing of a children’s sanitarium that Kyiv said killed three people, including a youthful girl.

An functionary of the Ukrainian congress, meanwhile, said at least 71 children have been killed and further than 100 wounded in Ukraine since Russia launched the war.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said there was “ no progress” indeed on a 24-hour ceasefire, after addresses with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Turkey, although the ultimate said Moscow would keep talking.

Russian forces on Thur­sday rolled their armoured vehicles over to the northeastern edge of Kyiv, a platoon of intelligencers saw, edging closer in their attempts to encircle the Ukrainian capital.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko said half the population had fled, adding “ Kyiv has been converted into a fort. Every road, every structure, every checkpoint has been fortified.”

The UN estimates further than2.3 million deportees have left Ukraine since the launch of the irruption, which urged unknown Western warrants against Moscow along with a artistic and sporting boycott.

At least civilians were vacated from the metropolises of Sumy, Enerhodar and areas around Kyiv on Wednesday, President Volo­dy­myr Zelensky said, with three further routes set to open up, including out of the southern harborage megacity of Mariupol.

The children’s and motherliness sanitarium in Mariupol was attacked on Wednesday in what Zelensky described as a Russian “ war crime”, and which sparked global outrage. Original officers said on Thur­sday that at least three people were killed in the attack, including a youthful girl.

Situation in Mariupol
Ten days of constant attacks on Mariupol have formerly left further than civilians dead, according to the mayor, and created what aid agencies call an “ climactic” situation, with no water, power or heat.

Zelensky participated footage on Wednesday of massive destruction at the sanitarium, saying the “ direct strike by Russian colors” had left children under the wreckage.

Officers had preliminarily said 17 people were injured, including croakers.

The White House slammed the “ barbaric” use of force against civilians, while EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell echoed Zelensky in calling it a “ heinous war crime”.

Russia’s foreign ministry didn’t deny the attack but indicted Ukrainian “ nationalist hosts” of using the sanitarium to set up firing positions after moving out staff and cases.
Lavrov reiterated the claim on Thursday, saying it was a military base for members of the radical Azov Battalion.

Asked by a Turkish journalist if Russia was planning to attack other nations, Lavrov replied “ we do n’t plan to attack other countries” and claimed “ we didn’t attack Ukraine”.
He claimed that the Russian chairman launched the operation as the situation in Ukraine “ posed a direct trouble to the Russian Federation”.

On the northeastern edge of Kyiv, Ukrainian dogfaces described a night of heavy battles for control of the main trace leading into the capital. Intelligencers witnessed bullet strikes in Velkya Dymerka, a largely vacated vill just outside Kyiv’s megacity limits.

Ukrainian forces only had a minimum presence in the vill, which locals said witnessed heavy fighting overnight.

“ It’s shocking, but what can you do, there’s nowhere to really run or hide. We live then,” said Vasyl Popov, a 38- time-old advertising salesperson. In the near townlets, there were many buses on the road and they drove with ut­m­ost caution in what was now frontline home.

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