Hersh’s Conspiracy or a Bed Time story?


Before writing anything further, let me warn you ladies and gentlemen, gear up, fasten your seat belts, as the story I am going to discuss will look pretty much like a Hollywood movie script, where a James Bond comes out of nowhere and starts digging out old, dead pieces from the past. Yes, you are right! I am talking about Seymour Hersh’s story; I would not call it a report, as reports doesn’t seem like this. What Hersh is narrating, looks more like a thrilling movie plot rather than a report!

This man, Seymour Hersh, who calls himself an American journalist (literally no one knew him before his conspiracy) just woke up one day, gave interview to a TV channel, talked about Osama Bin Laden, and his revelations became a hot cake for everyone. Who knew him before? Is this a cheap tactic to get some name and fame? This skill is literally new in the market, if you are Mr.  XYZ and you want to get some fame, just come up with something controversial and you will be a star! Write a report/story and be in the lime light! Hersh is following this philosophy very strictly!

The man narrates the entire story in a very ‘grandma bed time story manner’ and when it comes to his sources, they can’t simply be disclosed. When the question arises that how he got all this information about such a high value target, he says I can’t disclose my sources! Woo! The ‘sources’ are undisclosed, so why I am going to believe someone who doesn’t have proof of something? He came up with his fiction based fairy tale after four years of the incident, so where was he when the Abbottabad raid was happening? Okay, I believe he must be asleep that very moment as the operation preceded during night. So, where was he the next morning? Why he did not talk about these facts then, which he is quoting now?

Hersh brought up a conspiracy right in the time when Pakistan’s efforts are being appreciated worldwide! Hersh came up with his story when Pakistan started staunch military operations against the Taliban and the proxy warriors in Pakistan, and Gen Raheel took a strong stance, where he is not just fighting for his country but also improving relations with the world. What a timing? Is someone trying to malign Pakistan’s military as they are cleaning up all the decade old mess? Is someone trying to divert our attention from major issues to something that happened four years ago?

Right now we have more important issues to talk about than unfolding the incidents that hardly count or have any significance at the moment.  Whoever is behind this ‘fiction journalist or storyteller’, there’s a strong message for him, and for all those who are pulling his strings, that “Pakistan, Pakistan’s military & the people of Pakistan will stay strong and united no matter how hard the circumstances are and how difficult it is. Pakistanis are unfamiliar with backing out! They don’t leave the game in the ground! Let us fight our fight! We will win on all grounds! Insha’Allah!”

So dear Hersh, after four years of the raid, you came up with a very sensational story with anonymous sources, zero evidence, and no logical proofs. So, it was a good attempt to create confusion and distraction, but it failed miserably. You can go back to your sleep now.

Good Night Hersh!

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  1. No actually Seymour Hersh is reputable and is quite the acclaimed award winning journalist.

    The question to ask is who provided him with the evidence?

    Spurious evidence from a hidden source.

    Who is that source and quite right the timely planning of releasing their spurious source needs to be looked at.

    Seymour Hersh’s intentions may well have been well placed but the source could have been anyone guised as a ex ISI official etc.

    Now here we know which other nation has Pakistani assets used against the state and can use her own indigenous assets to pose as a Pakistani intelligence source.

    Your quite right in saying when ever positivity comes to PakiStan it is quickly shortlived by some issue scandal or terror attack.

    The Massacre of Shia’s by the Indian assets Jundullah.

    The Seymour Hersh’s rebuke of the US narrative.

    On the backdrop of Chinese CPEC initiative. Iran to include China into the IP gas pipeline. The successful clearing terrorists nests in Waziristan. The crackdown of Indian political wing namely MQM and the transfer of defence tech to Pakistan by USA.

    Remember also RAW has put together a Intel desk focussed on disrupting the CPEC initiative and Modi running to China to close business memorandums and scorn Pakistan and the CPEC initiative.

    That country is a wolf in sheep clothing, say no more.

    If Seymour Hersh wanted to make a story it should have picked up on Benazir Bhutto’s response to David Frost that OBL died in Tora Bora in 2002 and Daniel Pearle had evidence which he wanted to disclose and was killed by CIA double agent Khalid Sheikh.

    Now this is from a Oxford Grad 2 term leader of Pakistan who is not only educated astute but privvy to sensitive information.

    Incidentally that interview was shortly before she left for Pakistan and was martyred by Indian and Neocon assets namely TTP.

  2. Its very difficult to not sound disrespectful to the author especially when he has never heard of Seymour Hersh.

    The author must have been living in a cave somewhere and judging by his age, still playing with toys.

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