Height of savagery: 11-year-old boy killed by Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir


SRINAGAR: Body of an 11-year-old boy was found, riddled with pellets, in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) on Saturday in the recent incident that badly exposed the savagery of occupying Indian forces.

Nasir Shafi, 11, went missing from his school in Srinagar on Friday. His pellet-riddled body was found on Saturday believed to be caused by the same pellet guns the Indian forces have been using to maim the innocent Kashmiri people to keep them from demanding their right to self-determination.

The incident caused a wave of anger across the valley with thousands of masses defying curfew to offer funeral prayers of the martyred child.

Wrapped in Pakistan flag, Shafi was laid to rest amid tears and sobs.

India has been using brute force in the occupied Himalayan territory for some two months now to contain protests that erupted after the killing of Kashmiri youth leader Burhan Muzaffar Wani, who has now become a pro-independence icon for others.

It’s been 71 days since a curfew has been imposed in the valley, while people have been observing a strike till September 22 against the unjust Indian occupation.

Pakistan has vowed that it would continue its legal, political and moral support of the Kashmiri people and has taken up the issue with the world fraternity in recent days.

Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif, on Saturday left for New York to address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) where he will call upon the international community and the UN to live up to their promise of the right to self-determination of the people of IoK in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

On Friday, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN Tehmina Janjua impressed upon the UN Human Rights Council that the right to self-determination of Kashmiri people was not only enshrined in the UN Charter, but had also been unequivocally endorsed in the Security Council resolutions.

She demanded that a fair independent and transparent investigation should be conducted for extrajudicial killings including the ones that had surfaced in the form of unmarked mass graves and other human rights violations by the Indian forces.

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