Heavy traffic jam continues on Khi-Hyd motorway for more than 14 hours


KARACHI: The Karachi-Hyderabad motorway remained clogged on Sunday morning as heavy traffic jam continued for more than 14 hours.

Traffic on the Khi-Hyd motorway was blocked after a trailer broke down last night, resulting in long queues. Vehicles as a result were diverted towards the other route (Hyd-Khi), resulting in heavy traffic jam there as well.

Some ambulances were also stuck on the roads during the night; however, motorway police helped them out.

Several stranded vehicles ran out of fuel, while passengers had to experience severe inconvenience as they were left without access to food, water and other facilities.

According to a motorway spokesperson, the motorway would be cleared in around two hours.






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  1. How will it be cleared in two hour if the authority failed to clear it in 14 hours, it’s just a trailer that flipped.. its not even a big deal for such a big project .. max time for these kind of situations to be controlled is 2 hours!!

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