Head coach promises NZ will contend with ‘force’ in Pakistan ODIs


KARACHI: Glenn Pocknall, the New Zealand interim head coach, vowed on Tuesday, how the visitors are going to be coming hard at Pakistan during the forthcoming One-day Inter­national series in Rawal­pindi, despite the three matches not being a part of the planet Cup Super League — the qualification process for the 50-over mega event in 2023.

The status of these fixtures were changed to a standalone bilateral affair after it emerged that hosts Pakistan Cricket Board and therefore the series broadcasters did not hire an ICC-approved provider for the mandatory Decision Review System (DRS).

Pocknall — standing certain the regular Black Caps team boss Gary Stead — maintained his charges are going to be as competitive as possible when the primary ball is delivered on Friday at the Pindi Cricket Stadium, just a couple of days after they were involved during a T20 series in Bangladesh, which the hosts won 3-2.

“I think the intensity will still be there. After all, we’re still two international cricket teams who are very keen to win. Pakistan haven’t had a replacement Zealand side for 18 years playing here, in order that they’ll also want to win reception ,” Pocknall stated during a virtual press conference from Islamabad.

“And likewise, we’ve come here to compete with them and are here to place our greatest foot forward. But look, it’s tough this is often not an ICC qualifying series intrinsically , but it’s never getting to dampen the extent of intensity.

“I think international cricketers, always want to win the games for his or her country. So i feel the eagerness , the intensity, the commitment, all those things are going to be evident on Friday. I promise you ….”

The 43-year-old Wellingtonian was pleased with the way New Zealand’s training session panned out on Monday evening.

“It was really, specialized to urge out there, actually to only get to a replacement stadium from our perspective. Tra­ining under lights was a touch of a novelty for a few folks because we’re not really wont to that,” Pocknall said. “So look, it had been just little bit of frolic to urge a feel of the environment and therefore the climate.

“In fact, i used to be getting to say pity the wind. But coming from Wellington [a city famous for being very windy], it’s never the wind here that we’ve over in Wellington.

“So [we are]just getting a touch of an understanding training-wise and game-wise of our surroundings ,over subsequent seven days. the blokes were pretty wanting to get out there and have a frolic and had some balls, so to talk ,” he added.

Pocknall revealed that coaching a national side means nothing for him because the preparations need to be spot on even as it might be working with a domestic team.

“I guess that creates my job tons easier if everything starts coming off well. I can just rock up and tell people what to try to to within the nicest way possible. But there’s just tons more resources available in terms of coaching staff management; you switch up at the bottom and find, everything’s laid call at terms of drinks and therefore the gears. Hotels, meals, everything’s just finished you.

“So, from that respect. Yeah, it’s been i assume good because domestically, it’s not like that you simply are quite a jack of all trades during every little bits and pieces.

“Further down the road you check out things a touch more strategically along side Gary [Stead] back in New Zealand. Just check out selection, planning for this team and planning for the [T20] World Cup and what that appears like as regards playing roles and opportunities.

“Fortunately, I’m really enjoying working with [stand-in captain] Tom Latham and he’s a really experienced international cricketer; sit side by side with him and talk cricket and tactics and game plans,which all are pretty, pretty cool. It’s been a touch of a dream, to be honest because watching a player that I’ve idolised on the TV then having that chance to figure with him.

“So absolutely loving the experience thus far and searching forward to what’s getting to come subsequent few weeks in Pakistan,” Pocknall said.

The head coach didn’t expect spin to play an enormous part within the ODIs and therefore the ensuing five-match Twenty20 series in Lahore, because it did during the Bangladesh tour.

“I think in terms of spinners, I don’t think it’ll be a serious issue up here , and if anything to travel by from the training facilities, spin won’t play a much bigger part because it did in Bangladesh where we encountered probably the foremost extreme conditions,” he stressed.

“I guess if we glance at the ODI series here [last year]against Zimbabwe at Rawal­pindi, a complete between 250 and 280 seems an honest score.

“Moreover, i think from the knowledge we’ve had from the brief training session the opposite evening, the roles for the bowlers will probably shift a touch because the fast bowlers will surely have a serious say as compared to spinners, as we acknowledged in Dhaka,” Pocknall concluded.

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