Harassment of Pakistani diplomats, families continues in New Delhi


Two more incidents of harassment of Pakistani diplomats and their families at the hand of Indian authorities have surfaced in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed failed in stopping these incidents by putting a leash on officials of its spy agencies for the past several days.

In one of the latest incidents, a car of Pakistani high commission official was intercepted by another vehicle followed by the humiliation of his pictures being taken in front of general public.

In another incident, children of the deputy high commissioner were stopped while going to school and their driver was harassed, said the sources, adding that the two recent accidents involving vehicles of the high commission were also being considered as ‘deliberate acts’.

Diplomatic sources told Express News that the high commission has once again raised the issue to the Indian ministry of external affairs.

Following the recent escalation in incidents of such nature, sources said the Pakistani diplomats, their children and families were finding it difficult to stay in New Delhi due to the intimidating behaviour of the Indian authorities.

Pakistan has officially conveyed their reservations on the matter to the Indian authorities, saying that performing their duties in New Delhi will become very difficult under the current circumstances.

According to the diplomatic sources, a total of around 500 to 600 Pakistanis including 104 officials and staffers at the high commission and their family members are currently stationed in the Indian capital


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