Haqqani on the Loose



Alleged for high-treason; maliciously involved in the Memogate Scandal; open advert of US interest, constantly brawling against Pakistan, and nobody to stop him.

Recently Haqqani wrote an article in the Foreign Affairs saying, ‘ But even though Pakistan has continued to depend on U.S. military and economic support, it has not changed its behavior much…. Pakistanis tend to think of the United States as a bully. In their view, Washington provides desperately needed aid intermittently, yanking it away whenever U.S. officials want to force policy changes….  Pakistan has taken American dollars with a smile, even as it covertly developed nuclear weapons in the 1980s, passed nuclear secrets to others in the 1990s, and supported Islamist militant groups more recently. No matter what Washington does, according to a growing cadre of U.S. senators, members of Congress, and editorial writers, it can’t count on Pakistan as a reliable ally. Meanwhile, large amounts of U.S. aid have simply failed to invigorate Pakistan’s economy… ‘

Hussain Haqqani considers himself as a true Pakistani. He has an alternative view of how his country should be governed, he openly claims that whether he or the people at times do not like it, drone Attacks will keep on happening and he also alleged that the death toll by these Drone attacks are over exaggerated in a conference in Chautauqua Institution.

A commission was set up by the Supreme Court has accused Husain Haqqani of disloyalty over an unsigned memo sent in May 2011 to the then chief of the US armed forces, Admiral Mike Mullen, seeking help to curb Pakistan’s military in the wake of the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Hussain Haqqani has denied all such allegation claiming that it was illogical to accuse him of being an “American Agent” and at the same time of the charge that he needed to rely on a controversial businessman to transmit a memo to US leaders.

So why was Hussain Haqqani who considers himself as a patriot afraid to return to Pakistan to appear in court against treason? Advocate Asma Jahangir, representing Haqqani, said her client was afraid to come back to the country on account of threats to his life. Attorney General of Pakistan Irfan Qadir said the federal interior secretary had assured him and Jahangir that VVIP level security would be provided to the former ambassador if he returned to Pakistan.

Asma Jahangir was satisfied but she couldn’t get Hussain Haqqani back to Pakistan because Hussain Haqqani is a traitor to our society and he will never come face to face with the truth. While Hussain Haqqani sitting in the US is doing what he does best by stating in his article; “Breaking Up Is Not Hard to Do” that “The United Sates should be unambiguous in defining its interests and then acting on them without worrying excessively about the reaction in Islamabad”

Heading a nine-member bench of Supreme Court judges, the SC Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry noted in his order, “As Haqqani has not fulfilled his commitment therefore we direct federal interior secretary to adopt all the constitutional and legal steps to bring back him in the country.”

Hussain Haqqani is challenging a nation who made him what he is now. It’s certain that this man under all his sweet talk has no conscious and won’t stop at nothing even after such excessive humiliation. Hussain Haqqani calls himself a realist but rather seems as a big opportunist; looking at his political career as first he joined Jamiat, then joined PML, and later joined PPP.  He would only become a true realist if he thinks of leaving his American Dream and returning to Pakistan but he knows he will be facing dire consequences at return, in a nation he is busy maligning day and night.

is Bachelors in Business and keen in philosophical and Socio-Political matters. He can be contacted at walissq@gmail.com

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  1. This is the picture of a prostitute of PPP working against his country. PIMPs in PPP who stole my country’s money appointed this prick as ambassador to US, while his bitch wife a MNA in Parliament. Blind and corrupt judicial judges and the impotent legal system and illiterate people voting as blind mentally retarded zombies, can have their democracy and let the traitors and corrupt rule this idiotic nation.

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