Hajra looking forward to Pakistan’s return to action after eight-year gap


KARACHI: It’s been an agonizingly huge delay for the Pakistan ladies’ football crew to get back to worldwide activity. What’s more, maybe no player has felt that torment as much as star striker Hajra Khan.

Hajra was 20 the last time the public group played with a promising vocation not too far off. Eight years on, her top as a player would have passed however in any case, she’s anticipating Pakistan’s cooperation at the current year’s SAFF Women’s Championship in Nepal.

Pakistan’s football has been buried in emergency beginning around 2015 due to infighting in the Pakistan Football Federation and keeping in mind that the men’s public group has found passing activity from that point forward, it’s the ladies’ down which has experienced the most.

The last time the ladies’ group played a global competition was at the 2014 version of the SAFF Women’s Championship which was facilitated by Pakistan.

However, with the FIFA-named PFF Normalization Committee in the driver’s seat once again of undertakings and the 15-month suspension on it lifted by the world’s football administering body last week, Hajra is trusting ladies’ football in the nation will return firmly.

“It’s been bound to happen,” Hajra told Dawn on Thursday, “… eight long years, we’ve passed up such countless competitions and qualifiers [for AFC occasions. It’s truly propelling to [kind of]realize that after the boycott is lifted, the principal competition that is coming barely shy of two months we’ll take part.”

The current year’s release of the SAFF Women’s Championship is set be held in Nepal from Aug 29 to Sept 10 and the PFF NC needs to send its entrance by Friday. Sources in the NC told Dawn on Thursday that the passage will be sent and the public group will take part.

Conversations have likewise been held by the NC in where to hold the group’s instructional course for the occasion. While Abbottabad has been referenced as an expected scene with its elevation assisting players with adapting to the circumstances in Nepal, there is solid support for Lahore — where the PFF central command are arranged — to hold the camp as football movement is getting back to the country after quite a while.

Until further notice, however, the center is tied in with getting the group to partake as opposed to staying a lot about the outcomes it produces.

“I think it implies a great deal to get back on the FIFA ladies’ rankings no matter what the outcomes since you realize eight years is quite a while to be latent in worldwide contests,” said Hajra.

“When we demonstrate our presence and ideally the drive the young ladies need to change the game lastly play, it’s truly going to lift the confidence level until the end of the next few months and maybe the following whole year the Normalization Committee is in control.

“Ideally a way can be set up for additional global competitions to come so I figure it will be perfect and there is no question that the young ladies will be trying sincerely as they have been out for so long.”

Pakistan was suspended by FIFA in April last year after a gathering of authorities drove by Ashfaq Hussain Shah — chose president in PFF surveys directed by the Supreme Court however never perceived by FIFA — held onto control of the PFF central command from the NC.

At the hour of the takeover, the National Women’s Championship was in progress in Karachi and was constrained into a sudden stop. The authorities of Ashfaq’s gathering attempted to continue with the title with Raheela Zarmeen — then PFF’s overseer of ladies’ turn of events — inquiring as to whether they needed to take part.

Groups, nonetheless, retreated and Raheela told Dawn on Thursday she had not been drawn nearer by the PFF NC to retake her job.

“They have not moved toward me yet,” she said. “Neither have they accepted me after NC declared they have ownership [of the PFF headquarters].”

The PFF NC needs to act rapidly as preliminaries for the ladies’ group must be held training arrangements actually must be made.

First light has dependably discovered that Dani Limones, who was PFF’s specialized chief at the hour of the takeover, has been drawn closer by the PFF NC however it isn’t yet affirmed whether he will get back to his post.

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