Gunmen Kill 10 Tourists in Hotel Shooting



A group of gunmen have stormed a hotel in northern Pakistan, killing ten foreign tourists, Pakistani security officials report. As of yet the motives behind the attack and the nationality of the victims is unclear.

“Unknown people entered a hotel where foreign tourists were staying last night and opened fire,” Ali Sher, a senior police officer in the northern Gilgit-Baltistan province, told Reuters. “They killed 10 foreign tourists and fled.”



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  1. Once again the TTP have demonstrated that they have nothing to fear from supportive Pakistan…they are ruining your country and all you do is blame the USA, or India, or Israel?…these Islamic extremists are local Pakistanis who graduated from your radical madrasahs but many Pakistanis refuse to believe this and blame outside conspiracies….how many times have people said “wake up” Pakistan…until you stop the local extremist from generating terrorist in the madrasahs the carnage will continue….identify all mullahs who preach killing the infidel as an Islamic virtue and remove them from positions of authority and politics…then you will have a chance at a peaceful country…

  2. TTP is supported by India. American defence secretary recently stated that India is causing problems for pakistan from afghanistan (google it and find out). Can u deny that ?

    TTP emerged only after Indian influence increased in afghanistan post 9/11. They are being funded and armed from afghanistan by RAW.

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