Gunmen attack Pakistan air force base in Peshawar


At least six militants have been killed during an attack on a Pakistani air force base in Peshawar, officials say.

Up to 10 gunmen attacked a guard post and then entered the Badaber air base, Major General Asim Bajwa said.

He said security forces had surrounded the area and a hunt was on for the remaining gunmen.

In an email to reporters, the Pakistani Taliban said they ordered the attack. Peshawar has frequently been targeted by militants.

Last December more than 150 students and teachers were killed when Taliban gunmen attacked an army-run school in the city.

Gen Bajwa said a rapid response force engaged the attackers and contained them around a guard room.

Two soldiers, one of them a major, had been injured in the exchange of fire, he said, but added that “clearance operations” were now in progress.

Later reports said more casualties had arrived in different hospitals.

In an email, Pakistani Taliban spokesman Muhammad Khurasani said a “suicidal unit” had carried out the attack.


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  1. Pakistan government and military should not cower from telling the world this is financed by india.

    In retaliation bomb the Eastern front as hard as you can – pound those dravidian soldiers.

    It is clear that India in collusion with remnants of Karzai government wish to continue their campaign of terror in Pakistan.

    High time we send ALL Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. If Afghanistan does not wish to play nice then nor should we. Afghanistan will crumble without the link to Pakistan as will NATO who should be warning Afghanistan president Ghani on collusion between ex Karzai officials (old Northern Alliance warlords and affiliates) with India.

    India ultimately wants us to cut links with Afghanistan then so be it as there can be no peace when Afghanistan’s government want to kill innocent Pakistanis. What kind of Islam is this killing worshippers in a masjid.

    The same Afghan and Indian proxy Tereek-e-Taliban roam freely in Afghanistan and put on ISIS uniforms when they want to and then return to being Tereek-e-Taliban.

    We need to work with Iran and discuss the Indian hand in the murder of innocent Muslims in Pakistan and belligerent attempts to derail the peace process in a post American invasion of Afghanistan.

    What are our options Pak Afwaj and Government?

    This is not a zero sum game!

    If you can influence change then do it – and do so aggressively.

    If the inevitable is that India wishes to continue its killing spree inside Pakistan by paying poor and disillusioned Afghans then we have one focus and that is Internal security.

    Close your doors to Afghanistan and return ALL REFUGEES and shout as loud as you can that India is a state sponsor of terror.

    Clean up your country and make it a fortress against infiltration from outside.

    Remember what I said before “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”.

    Our priority is to secure Pakistan, clean up our home and deny India access through Pakistan but importantly win over support from Iran. Reach out to Russia, Turkey, China and Saudi Arabia and inform them of what India is doing and peace can not come while India continues to breed snakes in Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan government is a sesspit of snakes let them bite and kill each other – let them crawl on all fours and come to us.

    Why do you have to play second fiddle to India on Indian terms -forget them and stop sending your sportsmen and artists to be humiliated by this despotic Indian government.

    Secure and defend Pakistan first.

    Respond to India in Kind as history has shown us when the people of The Ganges have a bloody nose they are quick to run to cover. It is in their nature historic to be mischief makers who succumb to strong words and actions.

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